VW presents ID.3 sans camouflage as “world first” carbon neutral electric car

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German carmaker Volkswagen breaks cover on its all-electric ID.3 hatchback at the opening of the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Source: Volkswagen
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The Driven

Beleaguered German carmaker Volkswagen has broken cover on its first full electric vehicle in its upcoming ID series, the ID.3 hatchback, at the opening of the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The ID.3 is intended as the first in a planned onslaught of electric vehicles that the carmaker hopes will finally gain  forgiveness from the public for the 2015 Dieselgate scandal, which saw the brand’s reputation irreparably tarnished and its stock plummet.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess seized the opportunity at the German motor show to make an impact with the full unveil of the ID3 which to date had only been seen in red and blue camouflage wraps – along with a refreshed clean logo that the carmaker says represents a “new holistic global brand experience”.

“The car for the new era is here,” said Diess.

“The ID.3 marks the start of a major e-mobility campaign for Volkswagen.”

Marking the official start of VW’s hoped-for redemption, the carmaker is intent on doing it right.

By using 100% renewable energy to produce the car – which is to be made at the carmaker’s Zwickau factory – and its batteries, Diess says that, “The ID.3 is the world’s first overall CO2-neutral electric car.”

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