RenewEconomy is the leading website in Australia specialising in clean energy and climate policy. It has a wide readership in Australia and internationally. It is highly regarded for its breaking news and its analysis. It is independent and it is widely respected.

In 2019/20, the RenewEconomy web-site recorded more than 13 million page views, with more than 4.5 million unique visitors, according to Google Analytics, even after launching its new EV-focused sister site, The Driven.

The monthly page views for RenewEconomy average more than one million, with more than 350,000 unique visitors. The monthly page views of The Driven now average more than 500,000, with more than 240,000 unique visitors each month. Across the three titles under the RenewEconomy banner, including One Step Off The Grid, that is a resource with annual page views of around 20 million.

The daily email newsletter for RenewEconomy has nearly 18,000 subscribers – mostly to industry professionals, policy makers and advisors – and an outstanding open rate of 38 per cent.

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We also host a jobs board, and we have a fee-based press release distribution service. Direct EdMs are also available.

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