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Australia’s transport emissions laid bare, in four very nice graphs

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Transport expert Chris Loader’s easy-on-the-eye graphs paint a very clear picture of Australia’s transport-based carbon emissions.

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The Driven

Whether it’s claiming that Australia will meet its Paris Climate Agreements “in a canter”, or releasing a one-page electric vehicle strategy with no actual details, one thing is sure: the LNP is just plain wrong about Australia’s climate progress.

So wrong that 28 scientists got together earlier this week to put the Australian public right: Australia is not on track to meet its 2030 GHG emissions targets, nor are those targets even sufficient to avoid irreversible climate change.

As signatory and Climate Councillor Greg Bourne pointed out on Monday morning to ABC Radio, the fact of the matter is that the misrepresentation by the LNP is “unbelievably misleading”.

“Anyone who goes into the data sets, and they’re really quite easy to look at, with some very nice graphs, show emissions rising ever since, basically, the Abbott government came in,” he said.

As so succinctly put by Sophie Vorrath in Renew Economy on Monday, “What we are getting instead looks rather like investment support for coal.”

Or petrol, or diesel, or oil. It all amounts to the same.

Read the full story on RenewEconomy’s electric vehicle-dedicated site, The Driven…

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