Access to RenewEconomy may be slow due to denial of service attacks

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Readers of RenewEconomy may find access to the website unexpectedly slow or difficult today, because of temporary measures we have introduced to deal with repeated denial of service attacks.

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience, but we’ve had to take measures to protect the website and its contents. We are not sure whether the attacks are random, or the result of something we wrote. Can’t think what that could have been.


  • George Darroch

    I was wondering if I was visiting too frequently!

    Glad to see that the Cloudfare is working.

  • Jonathan Prendergast

    Get Mulder and Scully on the case!

    • Joe

      Didn’t I hear somewhere that X-Files is coming back again?

  • Joe

    The Attackers / Hackers?….The ESB, The MCA, Rupert’s gang, The COAlition, Adani…

  • Sir Pete o Possums Reek

    You must be doing something right 🙂

  • GlennM

    Congrats…confirmation that you are making a difference..

  • Ken Dyer

    Renew Economy is being attacked because it fearlessly reports the real renewable story, a story of technological disruption that is constantly reinforced in hundreds of electronic publications world wide.

    Why, because it’s the truth – the world is experiencing the biggest upheaval since the Industrial Revolution, a revolution that changed our world, but in doing so, brought us all to a new tipping point, irrevocable climate change.

    And the luddites, and the nay sayers are scared; they are burying their heads and living in denial. They need to lift their faces to the Sun and recognise that it is Earth’s clean future, not the dirty black stuff that lives under the ground.

    • Joe

      I watched Peter Garrett on ABC TV at lunchtime today as he gave an address to The National Press Club, Canberra. He spoke in defence of The Great Barrier Reef and he confirmed what you describe as “…burying their heads and living in denial”…as the reckless QLD State Govt and The Federal COALition go full tilt in support of that environmental abomination called Adani / Carmichael Coalmine. The GBR is literally dying in front of our very eyes and what do we see and hear from those governments…dig and burn more Coal. It is just crazy stuff. But Peter Garrett has encouraged a call to arms in saying that saving The GBR is no longer a ‘spectator sport’. He like Bob Brown are willing to go to jail if that is what it takes in trying to stop Adani. They will bring the issue into the spotlight for the punters. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a sort of rerun of The Franklin Dam protests and the anti logging protests at Terania Creek. These were bitter confrontations but in the end those brave Environment Defenders won…the Franklin flows and the Rainforests still stand.

  • Rod

    First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh at You, Then They Attack You, Then You Win

    Ghandi, maybe

  • Farmer Dave

    Congratulations, you are making a difference. If the denial of service attacks are politically motivated, then they are proof of that. Keep talking truth to power.

  • Ken Dyer

    Saw an interesting article about how Adani is splitting its renewable energy business out of its main business into a new company. I can feel a stranded asset coming on and this may be yet another signal that Adani is about to abandon its fossil fuel interests, at least hopefully in Australia.

  • Robert Comerford

    You are obviously making a difference. They are scared of the truth.

  • Peter G

    Congratulations RE. Hasn’t this happened before, who might be behind such a hack? Probably irrelevant but and old yarn about satellite TV came to mind.

  • mick

    good job lucky its not russia