WA leads the world in embracing electric vehicles

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For the second time running, Quit Targa West, one of Australia’s most prestigious tarmac motor racing events will feature an Electric Vehicle in its line up, as part of a global movement to adopt this game changing technology.

In 2016, Joseph Law together with Gemtek Automation became the world’s first private driving team to successfully complete an official Australian CAMS motor racing event in an Electric Vehicle.

This year, Quit Targa West again has an Electric Vehicle on the starting grid, enlisting professional Tarmac Rally driver Jurgen Lunsmann, to set a benchmark EV time around two key stages, the Malaga Special Stage, and the Langley Park Super Stage on Sunday, 13th August 2017.

The Gemtek EV Team are aiming to highlight the amazing capabilities of Electric Vehicles to the West Australian motoring public and expect to set some cracking times, rivalling the times set by some of their established fossil fuelled counterparts.

Quit Targa West is a unique opportunity where teams & drivers get to pitch a wide variety of cars against each other on real roads, offering a real life comparison.

Western Australia has been left behind other states & the world in establishing a network of electric vehicle chargers and together with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, the Quit Targa West campaign aims to raise awareness of the availability & capabilities of Electric Vehicles amongst the grassroots Perth motoring public.

With the rapid growth of Electric Vehicles around the world and the necessary transition of charging infrastructure, Gemtek Automation & Quit Targa West are highlighting the need for organisations such as city & rural Parking providers, the Motor Traders Association & city councils to be proactive in their training, governance & implementation strategies.

The impact of Electric Vehicles is far reaching, from electricity infrastructure, to establishment of an effective service industry in WA, and Quit Targa West is demonstrates that this transition has already begun.


Florian Popp (Gemtek Automation) E: [email protected]
T: 0417 098 963

Dianne Bortoletto (Quit Targa West) Telephone: 0439 997 075
Email: [email protected]



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