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Sydney car dealer makes electric cars available on subscription

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Hyundai’s Kona Electric and Ioniq can now be booked under subscription model from Northern Beaches auto dealer Col Crawford.

Source: Hyundai
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The Driven

The Hyundai Kona Electric and Hyundai Ioniq are just some examples of electric cars that Sydney drivers can now be booked under a subscription model from Northern Beaches auto dealer Col Crawford.

The Sydney auto dealer – which made news in early 2019 when it took an EV-focused advertisement in one of Sydney’s leading newspapers – is the latest to join up to vehicle subscription platform Blinker.

As we reported last Thursday, the platform allows dealers to make vehicles available to drivers as a package deal that typically includes servicing, maintenance and registration. For electric vehicles it can – depending on the provider – also include free charging.

Col Crawford, which has (what is for Australia) a wide selection of electric vehicles in its showrooms, has recognised the need to stay ahead of the flagging Australian auto market (which has seen a 23-month decline in petrol and diesel sales) on two counts with its stocking of electric cars, and the option of a subscription service.

“As a business, we aim to be at the cusp of industry innovations and our partnership with Blinker is just another example of this,” said Col Crawford GM Harrison Crawford in a note by email.

“We’re already seeing car subscriptions gaining popularity both in Australia and around the world, and expect the subscription market to rapidly become a significant part of the automotive industry moving forward.

“The car market is currently experiencing a disruptive period, we see car subscription as an opportunity to innovate and cater to shifting consumer demands, helping the industry to thrive into the future.”

Offering electric cars under a subscription service gives drivers a “best of both worlds” opportunity to try out what it’s like to drive an electric car without the high upfront cost.

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