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Silent electric vehicles: What’s all the noise about?

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There’s a lot of hubbub about the lack of noise from EVs. But let’s not let it become another pretext to slow down the rise of electrics?

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Wow. For decades, I used the excuse “loud pipes save lives” to justify motorcycle exhaust systems that unleashed furious power – and noise.

To me, it seemed that in the case of internal combustion engine vehicles, sound equals power equals speed equals cool.

Over time (i.e. as I got older) I realised that riding defensively and anticipating driver behaviour actually made a far bigger difference as cars became better insulated from outside noise.

But like any revhead, the noise was addictive because of what it meant. Now, we are told, noise can in fact save lives. Is this a highly emotional reaction to the loss of power, or just another pretext to slow down the rise of electrics?

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