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NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) is working with Australian CleanTech to find the country’s best demonstration projects on clean technology solutions that integrate with and improve efficiency and competitiveness for the energy resources sector. Projects must be delivered on operations involved with the extraction or processing of oil, gas, coal or uranium. 

These are priority areas identified in NERA’s energy resources Sector Competitiveness Plan, a 10 year strategic roadmap for Australia’s oil, gas, coal and uranium industries and value chains.

NERA will assist project proponents with as much as $3 million in co-funding.

A not-for profit, industry led organisation, NERA has been tasked with supporting development of a globally competitive energy resources sector that is sustainable, diverse and innovative.

Successful projects need to utilise a proven technology and be ready to roll out to the energy resources sector which is the extraction or processing of oil, gas, coal or uranium.

Projects must also provide economic and environmental benefits to the customer. This could include projects around renewable energy, hybrid energy, smart grid, energy storage, energy efficiency, water treatment, waste management, air quality and resource efficiency.

Successful projects will be announced later this year.


Full details on how to apply are available here  


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