RenewEconomy sets new readership milestones

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A big thanks to readers, as RenewEconomy passes the 5 million mark of total page views and heads for 4 million in a single year.

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has set new readership milestones, with total page views passing the 5 million limit in early June.

It took Renewconomy nearly 11 months to post its first million page views, but just a little over three months to post its fifth one million page views since its launch in early 2012.

RE-logo-icon copyWith RenewEconomy setting monthly and page view records of more than 300,000 in both May and June, and successive weekly page view records in the past month, the website is on track to reach 4 million page views in a single year in 2014.

These page view numbers are not a huge number for “mainstream” media, but they are impressive for a web-site focusing on niche subjects, albeit very important ones.

For that, we are very thankful to our readers – to those who read it daily, weekly or monthly, or who pass through from time to time. The website attracts more than 100,000 unique visitors a month.

As a sign of our engagement with regular readers, our daily newsletter – which goes out to industry folk, their suppliers and advisors, the policy community and interested individuals – is still attracting a sensational open rate of 41 per cent, even as subscription numbers rise towards 6,000.

That open rate is double the industry average. Its “click rate” of 22 per cent is four times the industry average. And it’s a daily, not a weekly or monthly publication like some of its peer group. Once again, we thank our readers for their support and their interest.


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  1. Keith 5 years ago

    Thank you Giles for outstanding coverage. If only the mainstream press paid attention to RenewEconomy we would have a much more enlightened society….

    ….and if politicians became better informed, decisions might be made based on facts rather than ideology.

    • Neil_Copeland 5 years ago

      Absolutely agree, I wish Giles and Tristan and the other columnists could get on a Q&A environment special.

      • Alen 5 years ago

        It’s long overdue that someone went on there and spoke (with some clear knowledge) about GW, the RET or any of the many misinformed subjects surrounding this field. It really gets under my skin every time the crowd decides to clap when a Liberal member goes on about ‘how bad the carbon tax is’. I dearly hope Garnaut will do a better job than most on these topics next week.

  2. Tomagain 5 years ago

    Thanks for the informed discussion from here and around the world. It is great to watch the revolution occurring before our eyes, even if this country is having a pause for a couple of years. Thanks for explaining what is going on.

  3. stuart 5 years ago

    Giles, many thanks for your tireless efforts to publicise developments in the RE field as well the associated perceptive analysis.
    This site really stands right up there with the best of them.

  4. Pedro 5 years ago

    Well done to the RenewEconomy team. Really enjoy the comment section which is normally well informed and has stimulating discussions. I agree with Neil, be great to see you on Q & A giving Abbott a good dig and educating flip flop Palmer.

  5. sunoba 5 years ago

    I express my thanks also to the RenewEconomy team for the interesting and important daily articles. Your trailblazing efforts are well ahead of the mainstream media. I’m looking forward to following you keenly in 2014/15.

  6. CM 5 years ago

    Well done folks. Always interesting reading and in most cases, the readers’ comments further enlighten.

  7. Rob 5 years ago

    Congratulations to Giles and everyone at RenewEconomy and thank you for your hard work. What you are doing is really important!

  8. Max Boronovskis 5 years ago

    Good going RE team, your momentum is well deserved. Pretty much my favourite read each day.

  9. John Silvester 5 years ago

    Good to see growing recognition of high quality work.

  10. Michel Syna Rahme 5 years ago

    Yeaaa ya…. Onwards and upwards is what RE deserves. I suggest readers copy relevant links for articles from RE and send them to people/corporations/retailers/government agencies who need to be made aware that there is nowhere to hide anymore. For example, copy links for articles about Electricity Retailers and the threats they will challenge and send them in an email to energy retailers themselves, and to your own retailer, let them have a read, and I suggest in the body of the emails under the links write a message saying ‘Wake Up! – we are going to beat you at your own game so be a first mover and we will support you by signing up to your services etc’…..rev em up!

  11. DogzOwn 5 years ago

    Congrats again, just a pity that Brandis proclaims it’s Ok to be a bigot. Does this really mean that it’s Ok for LibNats to hold opinions which are in conflict with all evidence?

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