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Musk says Tesla takes 200,000 orders for polarising Cybertruck

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Elon Musk says 200,000 orders have been taken since unveiling of the polarising Cybertruck late last week

The all-electric Cybertruck ute. Source: Tesla
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The Driven

Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk says that the California car maker has taken 200,000 orders for its controversial Cybertruck – its electric ute – since the official unveiling of the prototype late last week.

The Cybertruck has polarised opinion – on its ground-breaking design right from the outset, and also on its value for money, whether this will be a winner for Tesla and the long-term impact on its share price.

The orders, however, have flooded in. Musk initially advised over the weekend – via Twitter, of course, that 146,000 orders had been received, and updated this to 187,000 early Monday (Sydney time) then 200,000 as of mid-Monday.

At $US100 a pop, this equals some $US20 million ($A29 million) for the Cybertruck, its all-electric utility truck (more commonly known as a pickup in the US and ute in Australia) that features an apparently undentable cold-rolled steel exoskeleton that takes durable utilitarian design to the nth degree.

Even so, the launch event was marred when Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen put two serious dents in the truck’s armoured glass with a steel ball (Musk immediately admitted this needs “some improvements”).

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  1. Miles Harding 9 months ago

    This has to be one of the best product releases I’ve seen.
    It radical and polarising, even the haters are helping to promote it.
    Breaking the window was a master stroke, although likely an accident, that made it look as if it had already been in the cyberwar.
    The specifications, performance and price points were stunning.

    Apparently, a lot of people agree its time for a change.

    • Pedro 9 months ago

      The brutal look of the vehicle out muscles the humvee. Could we see it being the next SUV of choice for the military?

      I want mine with a laser cannon turret with auto targeting capability. 😉

      • Miles Harding 9 months ago

        I was having a thought about a gun rack for it. – It would have to be the boring company flame thrower!

  2. Steve159 9 months ago

    The negativity surrounding this event, and vehicle beggars belief.

    I saw a reply on one forum suggesting “don’t take it near a golf course”.

    Like dirr, A normal car, with normal windows is FAR more likely to be damaged. But no, the idea that this being far more robust, should be kept away from any hint of damage, is … gee, we need new words for the stupidity of people.

    Another one widely quoted was that Musk dropped $800 or so million as a result of the launch. Like he’s going to worry, dropping his net worth from ~ $24 billion to around $23 billion. Gee, but hey, let’s focus on that $800 million instead.

    Seriously, what is wrong with people.

    • John Saint-Smith 9 months ago

      And got virtually all of that back again when he announced 170,000 pre-orders for the ‘awful looking, over-priced, golf buggy not fit for a golf course!’
      It never ceases to amaze me how much humble pie Musk’s endless parade of masochistic critics, from the armchair economists to fraudulent motoring journalists, must be eating now that his ‘imminent collapse’ has been delayed once again.

      For Heaven’s sake, Musk didn’t invent impact resistant glass, which was clearly what was sitting at the bottom of the ball drop experiment, which survived the same ball falling from at least 3 m, but which somebody forgot to install in the demonstration vehicle. The shatter pattern looked just like the standard glass/plastic/glass sandwich that conventional automotive windscreens are made from, which shatter when hit by a rock or a decent sized hailstone. So it was a ‘staging’ mistake, not proof that Musk’s cars are crap.

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