LG increases solar product warranty to 15 years on MONO X® plus and NeON ® 2

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SYDNEY, 1 DECEMBER 2017 — LG Electronics Australia (LG) has today announced a 15-year product warranty on all Mono X® Plus and NeON® 2 solar panels installed from 1 January 2018. The new warranty period is one of the longest solar panel product warranties available in Australia, and represents a three-year increase on LG’s existing warranty term.

This increase in product warranty affords customers and installers further peace of mind, and represents the confidence LG has in the exceptional build quality of its solar panels.

“From design and production to delivery, we follow stringent protocols to ensure the integrity of our solar panels,” said Russ Prendergast, Senior Marketing Manager Solar at LG. “This increase in warranty reflects our confidence that our products can go the distance.”

LG increased the warranty term in response to receiving very low warranty returns on its Mono X Plus and NeON 2 solar panels.

It was also found that power generation was not significantly affected over the lifetime of the product warranty. In addition to increasing the duration of the product warranty, LG has increased the performance warranty on the Mono X Plus and NeON 2 from 84.8 per cent to 86 per cent guaranteed output after 25 years.

This covers the panels through periods of significant temperature fluctuations, wind, rain and most extreme weather events. Industry standard performance warranties guarantee 80.2 per cent over 25 years.

While LG’s 15-year product warranty is five years longer than the Australian industry standard, the firm’s top-of-the-line NeON R enjoys Australia’s longest product warranty at 25 years. This is in addition to an output warranty of 87 per cent.

“We’re proud of our achievements in solar, and our consistent presence in the Intersolar Awards winners list confirms the industry feels the same. But we wanted to give our customers something that benefits them directly,” said Prendergast, “With close to 70 per cent sales growth in the past year, our customers appear to recognise the quality our solar panels deliver.”



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