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Graph of the Day: Australia’s cleantech beats main market

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Cleantech stocks, surprisingly, outperformed the main index in Australia this past year.

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The ASX listed CleanTech Index has released its final financial year results, with cleantech stocks generally trending above leading stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange.

graph 1

The index recorded a loss of 2.3 per cent over the fourth quarter, 7.2 per cent loss in the second half of the fiscal year but, positively, a 19.6 per cent gain on the full financial year.

This compares with no recorded change in the fourth quarter and a 12.3 per cent gain in the financial year for the benchmark S&P ASX 200.

In the month of June alone the index reported a 0.4 per cent loss over the month of June, compared to 1.8 per cent for the S&P ASX200.

graph 2

The market capitalisation of the 65 stocks listed in the index currently sits at $14.6 billion, a long way from its trough of $6.2 billion in July of 2012.

The Index also added Beacon Lighting Corporation, with an IPO value of $67 million in April 2014.

The best performing sub-indices included the Environmental (32.6 per cent), Water (26.3 per cent) and Waste (18.3 per cent) indices with the worst being the Solar Index sitting at a 37.7 per cent loss.

Solco was the only company on the Index to report a share price loss of over 50 per cent for the full financial year, over 40 per cent in the second half of the financial year and over 30 per cent in the fourth quarter.

graph 3

Red Flow, energy storage company, consistently topped the list of best performers in the index with a share price gain of over 50 per cent in the full financial year and consistent positive gains throughout the year. Vmoto, Carnegie Wave energy and GreenEarth Energy were also big winners also with a share price gain of over 50 per cent.


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