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Is that a carbon tree? Or just another policy thought bubble?

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Is it a tree, or a coal washing machine? What magic carbon abatement technology was depicted in the federal government’s 52-page climate policy review?

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zero emissions image

If green groups and political opponents were unimpressed with the Turnbull government’s 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies yesterday, so was the Twittersphere.

A day after the Coalition made its pre-Christmas climate data dump – which showed a disturbing rise in emissions – and announced that another two right-wingers had been appointed to cabinet by the man coal magnate Gina Reinhardt rates as Australia’s greatest farmer – Barnaby Joyce – reviews of the review started to surface.

Journalist Adam Morton Tweeted that it was “transparently political: uses the minister’s language, doesn’t bother with new policies, suggests biz can emit more.” Another Tweet wondered “who wrote this work of fiction?”

But our favourite Tweet was from Michael Mazengarb, who wondered what secret, magic technology was depicted in the graphic pictured below and above, taken from the 52-page review.

Suggestions so far have included a giant balloon, a bubble wand, and a front loader washing machine for cleaning coal.

We thought we’d open the question up to RenewEconomy readers: What is this mysterious carbon offset thingamy that will deliver zero emissions? Any guesses?

Update: we asked the minister’s office. Apparently it is a tree. We’re not to sure why the leaves all fell to bottom left.

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  1. Mark Fowler 3 years ago

    I think it is showing Barnaby capturing one of his brain farts.

  2. Tom 3 years ago

    Wind turbines don’t offset emissions. They reduce them.

    • Gordon 3 years ago

      Indeed, they are being counted twice in the top diagram, emissions reductions and “offset projects”

    • Alex Hromas 3 years ago

      stop being so pedantic or we will set Barnaby onto you

  3. George Darroch 3 years ago
    • Alex Hromas 3 years ago

      Wonderful art work will you hang it in parliament

  4. Rod 3 years ago

    It looks like the House of Representatives from above after the next election.
    And all the winners are on the left. That is the only way we will at least have a plan to get to 50% reductions.

  5. Ken Dyer 3 years ago

    I think Sophie’s graph from her previous article here just says it all. No further comment needed.

  6. Julian Crawford 3 years ago

    I think it is very large hot air balloon filled with climate sceptical politicians holding onto their lumps of coal for dear life as they set off for Mars… (Worry about the science of all that later).

  7. Perry 3 years ago

    There are only leaves on the left because the ones on the right got paid off.

  8. Alex Hromas 3 years ago

    Turnbull has lots of thought bubbles maybe they just forgot to draw a little stick figure at the bottom of the straight line. Or maybe its an idea to harness all the hot air coming out of parliament house nowdays to drive wind turbines and make them base load

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