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Another 12,000 Australian homes, businesses add solar in May

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Australians continue rapid take-up of rooftop solar, with households in Queensland and businesses in NSW leading the charge.

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As the large scale renewable energy industry remains at an effective standstill pending the passage of new legislation through the Senate and the latest thought bubble about wind energy, Australian households and businesses continue their rapid take-up of rooftop solar.

gem may

These graphs from Green Energy Markets show that another 11,865 systems were added in May, taking the cumulative total of the first five months to just over 62,000.  This represented a total of 57MW of added rooftop solar in May, for a total of 294MW in the year to date. Queensland households led the way.

gem solar 2

The data confirms that commercial solar now accounts for around 22 per cent of all installations by capacity, with NSW leading the installation rate with 24MW of solar in five months to date, or around one-third of all installations by capacity.

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  1. patb2009 5 years ago

    at that rate it’s 1%/year, hopefully it’s accelerating

    • Mike Dill 5 years ago

      Australia will beat the 2020 GHG reductions target, but only because the people put the power on their roofs.

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