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Nissan lands world’s largest electric taxi fleet deal

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Madrid is adding 110 new Nissan LEAF EVs to its taxi fleet, and installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the capital.

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Electric cars rapidly multiplying is good news. They clean up urban pollution (well, prevent more of it). With an expanding electric taxi fleet in Madrid, the city is aligning itself as a cleantech-focused metropolitan center similar to Amsterdam. Nissan reports that La Ciudad del Taxi is adding 110 new Nissan LEAFs with 30 kWh batteries. The 30 kWh Nissan LEAF is quite capable, with 26% more range than the 1st-generation LEAF I drive.


Jesús Ramos Fernández, president of La Ciudad del Taxi, states: “This operation will set the standard for the mobility of the future as far as the taxi industry is concerned.” also carried the news regarding this world-record electric taxi fleet, pointing out that the LEAF EV is ideal for taxi service in a congested city like Madrid. “Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver in traffic and its low operating costs are appealing to fleet operators. On average, the cost of electricity and maintenance for a LEAF is about 25% of what it would be for a conventional taxi with an internal combustion engine.”

100 Nissan LEAFs and e-NV200s have previously been ordered for taxi fleets in Amsterdam, and 65 LEAFs in Budapest. So, Madrid slips past Amsterdam for the #1 spot now.

La Ciudad del Taxi writes, “we hope to have the support of government to move this project forward so that the taxi industry will be strengthened by these measures, since at present it is going through serious difficulties.”

And, since charging stations are a critical part of an EV transition, “Madrid City Council has also confirmed it is ready to install charging infrastructure across the capital.”

This article was originally posted on Cleantechnica. Re-produced with permission.

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  1. peterreefman 4 years ago

    Great news – but far from the World’s largest electric taxi fleet. I live in Shenzhen, China, and there are over 800 BYD E6 electric taxis here. They are so common that local people just see them as part of life… Like they should be!

    All the best to Madrid and everywhere else looking into electrifying transport!

    • Brunel 4 years ago

      How are the electrons paid for to recharge a BYD taxi.

      • peterreefman 4 years ago

        Er, I take the tone of your reply to imply that an electric taxi fleet in China does not qualify because China still has about 80% coal power generation? Can you confirm this was what you were implying?

        This was not an article about where the source of power generation occurs. Nor was it an article about where the lithium is mined or if the seating is sustainably sourced.

        There is no doubt China has horrific carbon (and other) pollution problems, and pressure needs to be put on ALL nations to speed up a transition to a zero-carbon future. But credit should also be given where it’s due. And 800+ electric taxis is definitely a step in the right direction to be applauded.

        It should be noted that China is very aggresively installing renewable energy now, approximately 20GW of PV per year, 100GW of wind, and similar hydro. There are still LOTS of problems here (corruption, quality, etc), but even having said that, China is now far from being able to be used as an excuse for developed nations to nothing.

        • Brunel 4 years ago

          My point is Tesla do not have pay-as-you-go charging. So I asked if BYD has pay-as-you-go charging or is it paid for by government or what.

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