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Cartoon of the week: How CSIRO can make climate science pay

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As yet more scientist job cuts emerge, CSIRO Larry Marshall is busy explaining why he thinks gutting the organisation’s climate department is good business. Maybe he needs to think outside the square.

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As reports emerge that the job cuts at the CSIRO go even deeper than first thought, the organisation’s relatively new CEO Larry Marshall was busy explaining to the Senate Inquiry in Canberra why gutting his world-leading climate science department was a good idea.

Marshall, who appears to be using his venture capital background to inform his idea of how a science and research organisation should be run, faced the Inquiry on Thursday morning. According to the CSIRO Staff tweet below, it went as expected.

It’s a strange view, particularly in light of the recent comments from US Secretary of State John Kerry, who described the business of adapting to climate change as a “multi-trillion dollar market… with opportunities literally everywhere you look.”

So, to help Marshall out – he’s also facing formal complaints of bullying behaviour from “dozens” of CSIRO scientists – we offer Greg Foyster’s pictorial guide on how he could squeeze more money out of climate science and maybe keep a few more researchers on the books.


Greg Foyster’s cartoons can be found at

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  1. Craig Allen 4 years ago

    Given that our Antarctic science program justifies our claim to possession of the Australian Antarctic Territories, it will be interesting to see if any other nation is enclined to put up their hand to take over. India is an ambitious nation with respect for and capacity in the sciences. Surely they’d enjoy the prestige that would come with acquiring a few Antarctic bases at bargain prices, along with the associated science projects and vast slabs of territory.

    • JeffJL 4 years ago

      It is the Australian Antarctic Division that does the research down there, not CSIRO. CSIRO do some research in Antarctica but they do not run the project.

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