Wireless charging tech means you may never need to plug in your EV again

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UK will be first right-hand drive market to get Model 3 configurator, which means that Australia will not be far behind.

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The Driven

When is a plug-in electric car not a plug-in electric car?

Yes, the answer is as simple as you might think: when there is no longer any need to plug it in.

And that reality – a dream, some may say, for EV drivers – could now be one step closer thanks to wireless charging technology developed by telecoms company Qualcomm and acquired by wireless charging tech company Witricity.

Wireless charging is nothing new – Witricity has been developing the technology since it was founded to commercialise MIT research in 2007, and has since been used to charge smartphones, tablets and even medical devices.

A collaboration in 2012 saw Witricity join forces with German carmaker Audi and in 2013 the company demonstrated the technology using Mitsubishi’s concept CA-MiEV to triple its range.

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