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What will Tesla Model Y cost in Australia, and can we afford it?

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Pricing calculator released for potential cost of the Tesla Model Y electric crossover SUV in Australia.

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The Driven

Now that we know Tesla is set to start deliveries of the Model Y to customers in the US by the end of March, here in Australia the next questions are: What will the Tesla Model Y be priced at in Australia? When will it arrive? And can Australians afford it?

Tesla is not saying. As with the release of the Model 3 last year, Australian buyers only have the US prices to work with, and big questions remain about the declining value of the $A, shipping costs, and the ongoing lack of any meaninful incentives in Australia.

However, thanks to Tesla Model 3 enthusiast Alexei Watson, who in 2019 produced a similar pricing estimator for the Model 3, we can now share with you some ballpark figures for Tesla Model Y pricing in Australia.

Watson’s latest effort outlines the same cost factors as applied to the Model 3, this time applied to the Model Y’s Long Range, and the Performance (which is also available with a free performance upgrade). There is currently no Standard Range, or Standard Range Plus imminently available in the US.

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