Welcome to RenewEconomy’s new website

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We hope you find our new website easier to read, easier to navigate, easier to read the graphs, and we hope you enjoy the new logo.

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Hello and welcome to Renew Economy’s new website. We hope you find it easier to read, easier to look around, and we hope you enjoy the new logo.

More than six years after its launch, some 33 million page views, more than 100,000 comments, millions of unique visitors (350,000 UVs in the last month alone), we figured it was time for a face-lift.

Top of our mind is readability, an improved experience for users of mobile devices, and to do something about the graphics that have driven our readers, energy boffins (and us) crazy with frustration.

We hope this is the answer. To be sure, there are a few bugs to be ironed out in coming days and weeks, and more improvements to be made.

But we hope you find it a positive move forward. We like the clean new look. And I don’t like change, but the new logo is great.

We look forward to, and encourage, your feedback.

The new logo, and the outline for the re-redesign, came from our friends at The Now Protocol.

“RenewEconomy has built a reputation for our clear, easy to digest and ‘as-it-happens’ approach to providing policy, innovation and industry news; and informed opinion,” says Paul Clarke, co-principal of The Now Protocol.

“In this fast-evolving renewables sector where users expect access to information quickly and effectively, enhancing the website design and User Experience (UX) to better deliver content and improve interaction is an important consideration.

“The new website features a simplified visual style and navigation, so you can quickly find the information and insights you need; and we’ve refreshed the logo to reflect the domestic and commercial opportunities for the sector, and our ‘blue-sky’ view of the potential for renewable energy.”

And we are keeping our regular features, such as the podcasts, the NEM-Watch and Open NEM, as well as our regular news and analysis on all things energy, particularly the transition that is upon us. And, sadly, the politics that seeks to wind the clock back.

But we’re not stopping there. We have some exciting news to announce soon on an electric vehicle initiative. Watch this space.

The RenewEconomy team.

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