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Video of the Day: Prince Harry and his all-electric Jaguar e-Type

Did you see the car the newlyweds left Windsor Castle in on Saturday? It was a 1968 e-Type Jaguar with an electrifying twist.


We don’t know about you, but here at RE our favourite part of #theroyalwedding2018 was easily the bit where Prince Harry and his new bride departed Windsor Castle as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero.

The stunning looking car, originally manufactured in 1968, was converted to electric drive by Jaguar Land Rover, making it super quiet – as you will observe in the Kensington Palace video – fossil fuel free, and faster than the original.

The 50-year old car – which was featured on Fully Charged in October last year, see video below – once had a six-cylinder internal combustion engine, but now has an electric drive-train and lithium-ion battery under the bonnet, which can take it from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds, and offers a “real world” range of 273km.

As it turned out, Prince Harry only needed to drive it 800 metres down the road to his next appointment.

And while this is an old car, recast as an EV, JLR’s global PR manager Mike Goodbun says it also serves as a prototype of what the company could do if it was to electrify an e-Type Jag.

“The purpose of bringing it here to TechFest,” Goodbun told Fully Charged, is to gauge reaction from the public, and potential clients for the car.”

So far, so good.

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  1. Rod 3 years ago

    Out of my price range but I love it.

    Interesting that the electric version is 50kg lighter. I guess when you consider the fuel tank/s and fuel and transmission this would be the case with many conversions.
    Also interesting that this can be fitted to any Jag with the same engine mounts and there are a lot of them.
    I still have hope that someone will design a drop in EV conversion for the really popular ICE vehicles on our roads. Ford Focus and Fiesta spring to mind.

    • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

      People produce drop in kits for the VW beetle. Other conversions require a bit more effort. I did a Daihatsu charade a decade ago.

      • MaxG 3 years ago

        Good on ‘ya for being an early adopter… However, I reckon it also cost you 10k$.

        • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

          I used the converted charade for 9 years before selling it early this year. I reckon the petrol and maintenance savings over that time cancelled out the initial cost of parts plus electricity. And our household’s greenhouse gas emissions were greatly reduced.

        • Rod 3 years ago

          If I could get an EV conversion in one of our ICE vehicles for $10k I’d jump at it.
          Most people cycle their cars every ten years or so due to increasing maintenance on the motor and or transmission.
          In Australia, with no snow and salt, a vehicle should last 30 years. Swap a battery out every 10 years or so and I think you would be miles ahead cost wise.
          Of course if you want all the modern doo dads and safety features that might not be the case.
          I also like the idea of re-purposing all the millions of ICE vehicles on our roads.

  2. Gordon Bossley 3 years ago

    I’d like to instal an EV in my dirty, but faithful old 4WD HJ 61 landcruiser – I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time. Or money.

  3. Ken Dyer 3 years ago

    Brilliant! The way they have done the conversion is repeatable across any number of ICE vehicles, particularly Jags. It is only a matter of time that an electric motor setup, kitted out to suit existing drive trains will be on sale. Watch out for that hot electric Holden and Ford silently sprinting down the freeway. Not an SS Commodore, but and ES Commodore. Can’t wait!

  4. solarguy 3 years ago

    Yeah baby very sexy indeed!

  5. Tim Forcey 3 years ago

    On radio today Neil Mitchell said he did not like this car… because it is electric. How strange.

    Do old commentators ever fade away or do they just keep commentating for ever and ever?

    • Peter Campbell 3 years ago

      What didn’t he like? That it was smoother running? That it had higher performance? That it would leave anything he drove in its dust?

    • Gyrogordini 3 years ago

      one constantly wonders how these small-minded, self-important idiots command air time. Why DO they?

      • MaxG 3 years ago

        Because at least 48% of the population loves to hear their utterances.

  6. Grpfast 3 years ago

    This wedding had so many “in your face” moments for the global establishment.

  7. Paul Govan 3 years ago

    Author doesn’t highlight the fact that the word ‘electric’ is omitted from the Subject/title of the Windsor-Jaguar video posted on the “Royal Family Channel”. No surprise that as a result it’s clear that almost none of the many comment-posters below that video are at all aware that it’s electric. And from the content and tone of the vid’s comment posts it’s sadly and predictably clear that most viewers wouldn’t care less if they did know.
    “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle depart Windsor Castle in Classic open-top Sports Car”.
    Paul G

  8. Gyrogordini 3 years ago

    interesting that, being LHD, it has a Type1 socket. Hopefully there’s a CCS1 or 2 socket in the boot!
    Personally, I think the dash and console insert should be timber, with the modern screen and gauges embedded. But, it’s TERRIFIC!

    • Rod 3 years ago

      One of my first jobs was at a petrol station back in the days when someone filled your car for you. It was a posh area.
      I still remember the Jags that came in with a tank in both rear mudguards. Those things love a drink.
      Maybe they need a socket on both guards.

      Agree on the wood grain dash. I’d request no LED screen.

  9. Greg 3 years ago

    Sexy – and I don’t mean the bride!

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