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Tesla Powerpacks arrive for next big battery at Victoria solar farm

First of 400 Tesla PowerPacks arrive at site of 25MW/50MWh Gannawarra Energy Storage System, to store power from 60MW solar farm.

Tesla batteries arrive at Gannawarra Solar Farm. Source: Lily D’Ambrosio, Twitter

The first of more than 400 Tesla Powerpack batteries have begun arriving at Victoria’s Gannawarra Solar Farm, as work gets underway on what will be one of the biggest solar and storage installations in the world.

The 60MW Ganawarra PV project in north-west Victoria – which was connected to the grid just under two months ago – is the first large-scale solar farm to be constructed and switched on in Victoria, and is jointly owned by Wirsol Energy and Edify Energy.

The batteries will make up the adjoining Gannawarra Energy Storage System – which will be a 25MW/50MWh Tesla Powerpack battery that will enable some of the solar plant’s output to be time shifted into the evening, or peak demand periods.

This battery – one of three to be installed in Victoria this coming year, two of them through the state Labor government’s energy storage auction – will be completed before the start of next summer, by December 1.

The output from both the solar farm and the battery storage installation are contracted to EnergyAustralia.

Mark Hogan, managing director of Wirsol, said in April that adding the Tesla battery storage system to Gannawarra would set a new benchmark for solar projects in Australia.

“The benefits of these types of projects will resonate with Australian consumers and the broader economy for many years,” he said.

The other big battery to be installed in Victoria under its recent auction will be an installation from Fluence at Ballarat, providing network services.

A third battery storage facility, to be built as part of the Bulgana energy hub that will include a wind farm and 20MW/34MWh of battery storage to power a new greenhouse near Stawell, will be completed next year. That, too, will be a Tesla battery.

And in South Australia, another big battery is also coming on line, with commissioning taking place now of the 30MW/8MWh battery at the Dalrymple sub-station, near the Wattle Point wind farm, to provide grid services and act as a renewables-based micro-grid in case of broader outages.

Note: To hear an interview with Angus Gemmell, of Solar Choice, who initiated the development of Ganawarra and several other big projects in Victoria and Queensland, please listen to our April 11 Solar Insiders podcast, which you can find here.

You can also listen to this latest Energy Insiders podcast which includes an interview with rival battery storage firm Fluence, and the plunging cost of solar and battery storage, and why they can beat gas generators as peaking plants.

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  1. Joe 2 years ago

    Can’t what to hear ‘Lump of Coal Scotty’ go on the charge again. He famously tried to poo poo the Elon & ex-Premier Jay’s Big Battery in South Australia.. I guess now it will be the Elon & Premier Dan and Lily copping the same sort of nonsense all over again.

  2. David leitch 2 years ago

    The interesting technical thing is that there is nothing more economic to make a 25 MW system than 400 Tesla power packs. This does not say much for economies of scale in battery systems. This is not a knock on the power pack, by all accounts a great system.

    • Steven Goldman 2 years ago

      What exactly are you basing that on, David?

      • David leitch 2 years ago

        Not sure I understand your question Steve?

    • BushAxe 2 years ago

      ?? The Powerpack is modular same as other systems, it’s just housed in outdoor cabinets rather than in a building.

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