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Tesla Model X set to arrive in Australia 2016, as orders open

Australian drivers can now order a Telsa Model X, with the long-awaited all-electric SUV with ‘falcon-wing’ doors due to arrive on Australian roads in 2016.


The long-awaited SUV offering from US prestige electric car maker Tesla is expected to arrive on Australian shores in the second half of 2016, with orders now open for Australian drivers keen to invest in the seven seat, all-electric Model X.


The Tesla Model X – which is due to appear on US roads in September or October, with a reported 20,000 orders already on the books – is being marketed as having the space and functionality of sports utility vehicle, “with the uncompromised performance of a Tesla.”

To reserve a car, prospective Australian Model X drivers can place a fully refundable $6000 deposit. A price for the SUV is yet to be set, but in Australia it is expected to be in line with the BMW X5, which starts at $A84,200.

Speaking at Tesla’s annual meeting in June, Musk said the wait for the Model X was due to ongoing work on some of its finer details – including its fold-up “Falcon Wing” rear doors – and hinted a few surprises are on the way.


“We want to make sure, obviously, that some of the key features of the Model X, particularly the falcon-wing door, and the way that the second row seats are done, and a few other things that people aren’t aware of, are done just right,” Musk said.

“Getting those final nuances right for the Model X is what we’re focused on right now.”

What we do know about the features of the Model X, according to the Tesla website, is that it comes with all-wheel drive standard, powered by two independent, digitally controlled electric motors. The Falcon Wing rear doors fold up and out of the way to allow easy access to third row seats.

Tesla Australia spokesman Heath Walker told CarAdvice that the company hoped the Model X would help bridge the gender gap that had been created around the Tesla Model S.

“We’ve been heavily skewed towards the male demographic and I think that’s mainly due to probably [the media] more than anything,” Walker said.

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  1. Andrew Tovey 5 years ago

    Lots of space for a roof-rack on that Sports Utility Vehicle…

    • docit 5 years ago

      Given the amount of luggage space under the bonnet, that probably isn’t a problem

      • Andrew Tovey 5 years ago

        Ok, fair enough point. The doors are obviously ‘super awesome’ and make it stand out, but I wonder about fitting multiple surf boards, kayaks, mountain bikes, etc, under that bonnet. Or are SUVs just an urban status symbol now? 😉

        • Catprog 5 years ago

          Wouldn’t bikes go on the back on a bike rack?

          • Finn Peacock 5 years ago

            They can, but if you have your bike on the car a lot it’s much easier to put a bike on the roof. Pretty ironic that Tesla are bringing out a car aimed at greenies (like me) that makes carrying your bike really hard. Total showstopper for me anyway.

          • sendai 5 years ago

            I’ve never done either, so how is it easier to put a bike on the roof rather than on a rack attached to the tow bar or the rear door?

        • Bruce 5 years ago

          I suppose you could tow them with a trailer. I think its the first BEV that will be built to enable towing.

        • Andrew Tovey 5 years ago

          I guess my point here guys is that fitting outdoor gear on here is kind of a moot point. People don’t buy Teslas for the height of practicality, at least not currently. They buy them because they have the coin to do so and they’re a serious status symbol, plus people (fairly) geek out on them. If you were actually really into the idea of buying an SUV for facilitating your outdoor adventure hobbies then you would not choose this vehicle. Apart from anything else, there aren’t reliable charging options when you venture more than a couple hundred kms from cities or major highways. So the people who buy this car will be the sort of people who might buy a landrover evoque or one of those chunky porches – to drive it round Rose Bay. This is still an impractical and elite product. And that’s fine – its a good business model for Tesla and the prices will come down eventually, and the model range will broaden too.

        • Bob_Wallace 5 years ago

          I’m guessing that people with large recreational equipment is the target market niche. I’m thinking people (soccer moms) with small children who need to be buckled into the rear seat.

          The sort of people who purchase very large vehicles because they consider them safer.

          Plugging kiddies in with those falcon doors – easy, peasy…

    • Sean Patullo 5 years ago

      Yeah I totally understand where you are coming from, and it simply will put people off buying one

      • Sean Patullo 5 years ago

        Although I’d buy one

  2. Tony Bosworth 5 years ago

    I know the exchange rate has dived for Aussie versus US dollar, but the mooted price is far and away above the US$35K previously talked about. The point is, the X has turned out not to be the car which will encourage the masses to go electric. The woeful uptake of electric cars in Australia will continue. What we need is the likes of VW (yes, I know they’re working on it…) to bring out a Golf which will cover say 200miles on a charge, or hopefully Nissan’s next gen Leaf. Until the price comes down to the level most of us can afford, electric cars will remain very, very niche and will not change the transport mix.

    • Ronald Brakels 5 years ago

      No, this was never going to be a $35,000 US car. This is the Tesla sports car in a different form and comes at Tesla sportscar prices. You are thinking of the other, less sporty model Tesla has in the works, but that won’t be out for at least a couple of years.

      • Bob_Wallace 5 years ago

        Model 3. Scheduled to be presented in 2016 with sales starting in 2017. Most likely awaiting the opening of the Gigafactory – Tesla is going to need a huge pile of batteries….

        • Ronald Brakels 5 years ago

          Only about a year and a half to go! Mind you, we may have to wait for a version with a steering wheel on the right side of the car. Or we could just drive in reverse everywhere.

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