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Tesla Model 2? Musk reveals new EV plans and predicts 30 million EVs a year

Tesla to design new, original electric vehicle models at Shanghai and Berlin, as industry estimated to reach 30 million new EVs a year by 2026.

Artist’s impression of a possible Model 2. Credit: Trubni/Instagram

The Driven

Tesla will make new, original electric vehicle models at both its Shanghai and Berlin gigafactories, CEO and co-founder Elon Musk said on Monday (US time), also confirming that the $US25,000 vehicle touted at last week’s Battery Day would not be the Model 3, but a future, smaller car.

In a series of tweets in response to Tesla market analyst Cathie Wood, of Ark Invest, Musk divulged some more details about the numerous revelations of Battery Day.

Battery Day was met with some disappointment by those expecting a “million-mile battery”, resulting in a share fall, but Wood joined other analysts in saying that investors who downgraded their price targets missed the point of Battery Day. See: Did Battery Day live up to the hype? Some say yes, others say no

Predictably, when Elon Musk announced at Battery Day last week that $TSLA would cut the price of a Model 3 to $25,000, several financial analysts panicked, downgrading the stock and/or cutting their price targets. In our view, traditional financial analysts have missed the mark,” Wood wrote on Twitter.

Musk jumped in to correct the statement about the $US25,000 EV, saying that it will not be a cheaper Model 3 but a newer, smaller model.

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