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One Step Off The Grid: New kids on the network

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Upstart electricity retailers, focused on solar + storage, are challenging the old energy order. Plus Australia’s greenest hotel; a new home battery offer.

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In today’s weekly newsletter from our consumer-focused sister site One Step Off the Grid, we look at how two start-up electricity retailers – Enegeni and NSW community-owned Enova – are challenging the old guard of the Australian energy market.

one step vertical logoAs Giles Parkinson writes, Enova is targeting 100 per cent renewable energy for its customers in the northern Rivers region of NSW, with a focus on wind, solar and storage, and on reinvesting its profits in the local community. Enegeni, meanwhile, will focus on rooftop solar and storage, and plans to “fundamentally change the way energy is delivered.”

Elsewhere, we look at a new 10kWh home battery storage offering from Indigenous Australian company, AllGrid Energy, which promises to be 30 per cent cheaper than its rivals – including Tesla.

And Emma Watts visits the 100% carbon neutral Port Macquarie Hotel, which uses strata fees to generate a 16 per cent return on its rooftop solar panels, and hosts a Tesla EV charging station.

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