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Mazda’s first all electric car combines eco kudos with sporty style

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With an environmentally conscious interior design and sporty exterior, Mazda has created a vehicle that should fit happily within the compact SUV market.

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The Driven

The all-electric 2020 Mazda MX-30 unveiled this week at the Tokyo Motor Show drew reactions from the attending auto media ranging from “quirky” to “sporty” to “rebel”.

Mazda’s first production electric vehicle, the MX-30 has been described as based on the soon-to-be released compact crossover CX-30.

It is the first to bring to market Mazda’s purely electric e-SkyActiv platform, which will become the basis for an electrified version of all its models by 2030.

Designed with the Japanese concept of jinba-ittai (which refers to the oneness between horse and rider) in mind, the MX-30 integrates human-centric thinking bringing forth a number of design features to make the MX-30 driving experience as smooth as possible.

For example, a rear suicide door – more aptly called “freestyle doors” by Mazda – that the Japanese carmaker has used before on the RX-8, is intended to give a feeling of ease form the moment one enters the car…

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