Graphic of the Day: Going solar – options for homeowners


  1. Peter B 6 years ago

    Please label this kind of Diagram as a Northern Hemisphere solution and/or reorient the labels to reflect Southern Hemisphere directions.

  2. Crowbar 6 years ago

    No mention of ground source heat pump

  3. Tim Forcey 6 years ago


  4. Miles Harding 6 years ago

    Batteries not included!
    No mention of batteries for peak lopping or off-grid.

    Switch to an EV. They can be charged at home (even off solar panels!!!) and are lot more pleasant to drive in urban traffic.

    Sell the pool and fill in the hole, usually a no cost option. Most backyard pools never get used.

    Buy low power appliances and smaller televisions. Garbage TV (most of it) is still garbage, regardless of the screen size.

    Install LED lighting. Definitely purge halogen downlights.

    When building, go for a passive solar design.

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