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Graph of the Day: Global warming – how hot could it get?

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Average highs of 51.6°C in New Delhi, and 42.8°C in Paris? It’s going to get very hot in some of our biggest cities.

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The latest world energy outlook from the IEA, Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map, not only maps out what the energy sector needs to do – quickly and effectively and at no net economic cost – to help keep the 2°C global warming target alive, it also offers some insight into what could happen if the energy sector doesn’t take this advice and leave thermal coal reserves in the ground.

Below are four graphs projecting the annual maximum temperatures in four major capital cities around the world under different global warming trends. Under a scenario where the planet warms by 4.6°C, average annual highs ranging from 37.9°C (Moscow) to 51.6°C (Moscow) are predicted. Even under a 1.5°C scenario, annual maximum temperatures are still predicted to rise by between 1-2°C.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.57.35 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.57.54 AM

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  1. Sid Abma 7 years ago

    How much Heat Energy is being put into the atmosphere 24/7/365 out of the chimneys that are consuming/ firing on Natural Gas?
    What is the exhaust temperatures leaving these chimneys?

    Natural Gas Can Be Consumed to Near 100% Energy Efficiency. The exhaust of this natural gas or LPG, if it was Combusted Efficiently can be going into the atmosphere at well below 100 degrees F, or even much cooler.

    The question has to be ~ Why Waste America’s Energy? Why Blow HOT Exhaust into the atmosphere?
    How might this be effecting Global Warming? CO2 Emission Numbers?

    Why is this Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery Being Ignored?
    What is California’s goals towards Energy Efficiency?

    We can do so much more. It just takes a bit of encouragement.

    How do we get that encouragement out of Sacramento?
    We Really are on the Same Team.

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