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Frydenberg condemns Lord Howe Island to fossil fuel future. It’s just not acceptable

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Lord Howe Island wanted renewables to lessen its reliance on imported fossil fuel, but the idea has been killed by environment and energy minister Josh Frydenberg. This is why he has made the wrong decision.

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Lord Howe Island wanted renewables to lessen its reliance on imported fossil fuel, but the idea for a hybrid renewable system with wind, solar and storage has been killed by environment and energy minister Josh Frydenberg. This is why he has made the wrong decision.

wind turbines photoshop.

I’m the fifth generation to live on Lord Howe Island. I returned to live here at the end of 1999 after my time at school and working in Sydney and Port Macquarie.

Spending time on the mainland is essential for young islanders, you become aware of what life has to offer, both good and bad. It also makes you appreciate why the island is so special.

In recent years life on Lord Howe is very comfortable, it’s almost made us forget how isolated we are. Currently we have reasonable internet, regular flights to the coast and a regular fortnightly shipping service to Port Macquarie. Our small ship can tie up alongside our little jetty and off load in most weather conditions.

Gone are the days of depending on the large ship every six weeks which anchored off the island, then triple handling every item before delivery.

During my families time on Lord Howe (since the early 1850’s), islanders have experienced all types of hardships, from deaths due to simple infections, to the loss of men who volunteered for the wars.

Isolation on this picture perfect island does not exempt us from hardship and tragedy. Quite the opposite, our isolation is magnified during times of international conflict or change.

History shows that when there is change, unless you are prepared for it, you will suffer in some way. The first example for my ancestors was when the end of whaling came to the Western Pacific. During the peak of whaling in the mid 1800’s, there could be as many as 12 ships anchored off the island.

All needing supplies and trading with the locals, times were good, but when crude oil was discovered and extracted easily, the market for whale oil crashed. The visiting whaling ships suddenly stopped. For three years no boats visited the island…. Somehow the islanders managed to survive this period.

My great great grandfather brought the first island owned trading vessel and made occasional trips to the mainland to sell the things grown and produced here. They would return after buying supplies for the whole island, a round trip of over 1400 kilometres. The ‘Sylph’ was a 13 metre, 17 ton ketch….  In 1873 she was lost at sea on one of those trips to Sydney. All 8 crew were never seen again.

For my immediate family we were lucky, Nathan Thompson was not onboard for that fateful trip, but for our small island community it was a devastating loss.

Shipping to Lord Howe is essential. Without it we wouldn’t survive more than two months. Food would quickly run out, so would our regular supply of diesel. Without diesel, we have no electricity for the community.  Now days the island uses over 500,000 litres of fuel annually.

Our ‘micro grid’ is powered by 3 x 300kW MTU Detroit Series 60 diesel generating units, plus a small amount of roof top solar. Even though rooftop solar is a good option on the mainland with its large grid, our micro grid can become unstable without restrictions and regulations.

People can ‘go it alone’ and leave the grid, but in a small island community the costs of running our generators will be left to those who cannot and they will end up paying more.

About 7 years ago a community group was formed. The Sustainable Energy Working Group SEWG (which I am a member of), we looked into the benefits that a renewable energy system would give the whole island community.

Our local Administration, the Lord Howe Island Board,  contracted JACOBS to look at the best options for a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply….. With savings of nearly 70% in both diesel and money, the Hybrid Energy System with two mid-size wind turbines, a solar array and a battery for storage was deemed the best option.

After all the community consultations at markets, open days in our Public Hall, displays in our Museum, mail-out information sheets, news letters, Bird and noise studies (and mitigation solutions),  photoshopped mockups of their visual impacts and evaluations by all the appropriate Government bodies, the Hybrid System was set to proceed.

Even materials for it’s infrastructure were being purchased and delivered to the island.

In early June 2017 the Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, out of the blue, cancelled the project. He said, “it would have clearly unacceptable impacts”…. All the people involved in the project were shocked.

Years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars had been wasted…….Six months has passed and we are still waiting for a detailed reason why the Minister made his decision….consequently, the ARENA funding for the Hybrid Energy Project was withdrawn.

For now, a future relying on burning diesel is the reality we must face. Climate change and the hardships it will bring to our island is something the future generations of islanders will have to face and start planning for.

Sustainable clean energy for a World Heritage site like Lord Howe should be mandatory. We should be setting an example to the whole world, not being held back by a Ministers political ideology or personal opinion.

The Environment is shared by everybody on this planet. No political party should be allowed to make decisions that makes it worse. Our children’s future here and everywhere in the world are left in the hands of politicians that are influenced by corporate corruption.

Governments around the world should be made by law, to adopt any resolution the UN agrees on to cut green house gas emissions, or face large fines and sanctions.

Here on the island, weather related delays to our air service are already affecting tourism…… As global warming increases, weather extremes in the Tasman Sea are only going to get worse.

These weather events will make travelling to Lord Howe by plane or boat harder to schedule and put further pressure on some businesses. Rising sea levels are also going to be a major threat to our low lying Airstrip and other infrastructure near our foreshore by the end of this century.

The environment here on the island is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of global warming. From the rare mist forests on top of our mountains, right down to our unique cooler water corals found nowhere else in the world, extinction is a real threat…… These are the ‘impacts’ that our Environment Minister should be finding ‘unacceptable’ and acting on.

His cancelling of our Hybrid System has also hindered our push for smaller, cheaper Electric Vehicles for the island roads.

Having a speed limit of just 25 kph and an ever increasing number of cars, it was planned to use the excess energy our wind turbines would have made, both day and night, to charge the electric vehicles. This would have added to our energy storage and reduced our carbon emissions even further.

Some countries and cities are already pledging to ban petrol and diesel cars in the near future…..where does that leave us on Lord Howe when Australia follows suit?

Planning for this now and being ready for the phasing out of fossil fuels is essential.

Just like whale oil, crude oil will be eventually phased out. Maybe not as quick, but never the less, before long it will have had it’s day. We would be stupid not to be ready for the impacts of this.

We need to put in place right now, the best Renewable Energy System we can afford to give us clean, reliable and affordable electricity for the demands in the future.

The renewable energy revolution is already taking place in other remote locations around Australia. Even though Coral Bay is on the other side of of our country, we share some similarities with this small Western Australian town.

Some of these are… We’re both in remote locations. Both economies depend on tourism. Both have pristine environments and are both on the World Heritage List.

Also in common, is that we both have groups and committees that help advise, guide and represent our communities. The Coral Bay Progress Association (CBPA) is one of those Groups.

After the Lord Howe Island Hybrid Energy System (which included two mid size wind turbines), was cancelled by the current Minister for the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, I contacted the CBPA to ask them what ‘impacts’ their wind turbines have made to their community.

The Coral Bay wind farm was opened on the 19/8/2007. (Four years before Coral Bay was inscribed onto the World Heritage list). They have three wind turbines, which are the same design/model turbines (mid-size) that were proposed for Lord Howe.

Two things which should be considered when reading the following letter…. Visually, Coral Bay is relatively flat compared to Lord Howe, therefore the turbines stand out. Also, we have thick vegetation and breaking waves surrounding our island…. Therefore a lot more background noise when the wind blows….overall….less impact.

lord howe
As you can see, the people of Coral Bay have only positive feedback from their 10 years of living with Wind Energy.
It gives us (SEWG) reassurance and confirms our original belief that the benefits for wind energy in our remote location, far out weighs any negative impacts some people may think they will have.
The Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has made the wrong decision for Lord Howe Islands future….
In a time of change, our isolated island needs more sustainability. We need to rely less on subsidies and fossil fuels and use the energy that is already here. We need to be prepared for the future…. which is powered by renewable energy.
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  1. Di Elliffe 3 years ago

    This is shocking news. We visited LHI a year or so ago, and couldn’t believe that the island was not already on wind and solar (also electric bikes and cars). Why did the project rely on ARENA funding, and how much money was required?

    • juxx0r 3 years ago

      It was over $9M for 450kW of solar, 400kW of wind and a 400kWh battery.

      Should have been less than $2M.

      • Roger Franklin 3 years ago


        Sounds like a challenge for Elon! Send him a note

        • juxx0r 3 years ago

          I think he likes harder challenges

          • Roger Franklin 3 years ago

            That may be so, but he also likes successes and LHI has an interesting story, particularly if the entire island wants to move onto electric modes of transport. It seems that Josh and the other Canberra FIFO workers are unlikely to support it!!

          • juxx0r 3 years ago

            For the price quoted i wouldn’t have supported it either. Fortunately, tenders eliminate those just chasing subsidies.

            Why this site continues to promote astonishing prices like those for Rottnest, Lord Howe, King Island is beyond me, we should be calling a spade a spade. We keep saying that solar is 2c/kWh, yet we promote projects at $10/W as if it’s a good price, as if it’s anywhere near 2c/kWh.

            You get the same crap if you ask for a quote for offgrid and casually mention that grid connection is $50k, suddenly your quote is just shy of $50k. There’s some shysters in this business and we need to call them on it.

            That said, Josh is a grade A wanker. Him and the rest of the government should be fired by the Governor General for not representing the people.

          • Giles 3 years ago

            agree it could have been cheaper the $9m, but you not going to get 2c/kWh on an island, or remote community. think of added labour costs, logistics, supply etc. and then add in the smart controls, it going to a lot lot more than $2m.

          • neroden 3 years ago

            Well, with no support from the Federal government, it’s time for Lord Howe Island to build the project on its own using local money. And maybe they can get it cheaper now.

          • juxx0r 3 years ago

            Shouldn’t need federal support, solar is 5c/kWh, Wind about the same, remote offshore diesel is at least 20c/kWh.

            The difference is who is making the profit. Chase who is making the profit and there’s the target.

          • juxx0r 3 years ago

            That’s OK Giles, you do a wonderful job reporting on all this, where else would we go for this news? I dont mean to be too critical of your good work.

            What gets my goat is Rottnest for example, 14km off the coast with two services a day and the price is still astronomic.

          • RobertO 3 years ago

            Hi All, just to get a crane onto the Island is something like 8 boat trips and add in the 2 trips for the 2 WTG, very easy to say but also very expensive to do. They are some 600 nm off the coast of NSW and its a day trip to get there, unload and head back (if the weather is fine). If they use the pull up WTG then they may not need the crane but it will still be 3 trips to get the WTG,s ashore plus the equipment to haul the WTG upright.

          • Craig Thompson 3 years ago

            When building on the island, you generally double the cost of every project. Freight costs, local fees, airfares and accommodation(of workers) are some of the added costs we face.

  2. RobertO 3 years ago

    Hi All, Our common problem is the COALition (Lord Howe Island does not spend enough money on coal simple). Hopefully they will be gone soon and when they do Labour has promised to return the money that the COALition took off ARENA and CEFC (about $500 million). Yes all Islands that have FF only should be encrouged to go towards RE (and every % is good news both in costs and enviroment). As we get better at RE and the costs are dropping then we will improve outcomes for all.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      By any chance, is there a coalmine on LHI?

      • RobertO 3 years ago

        Hi Joe, Not that I know of. May be they did not ask for the righ equipment, a HVDC link at around $1.3 billion (my estimate only) and the ability to use coal power from NSW supporting the RWNJ in Canberra.

        • Joe 3 years ago

          …and Joshie would say…plan APPROVED…building it starts yesterday.

  3. Eb 3 years ago

    Improved energy efficiency with about 2 MW of PV on the north side of the airport runway combined with ~2 MW of PV distributed across rooftops with associated batteries, control systems and a low load diesel genset would significantly reduce annual diesel consumption, even with some PV curtailment. Has a study been done of suitable roof areas for PV and the grid-integration requirements? The ARENA website does not indicate that the $4.5m grant has been withdrawn:

    • juxx0r 3 years ago

      The average load is 200kW

    • Craig Thompson 3 years ago

      Minutes taken at the recent Lord Howe Island Board meeting listed ARENA funding was withdrawn…..The north side of the runway faces south…..How much land on our small island does 2MW of solar take up?…….who are the privileged ones that have PV and who pays for the diesel that is still needed?

      • Eb 3 years ago

        The Jacobs feasibility study (March 2015) reported annual energy production of ~2.3 GWh with a peak load ~470 kW.
        2 MW of ground mount PV facing north, tilted at 40 to 45 degrees above horizontal to increase winter output, would easily fit on the buffer land around the runway, though other sites may be better as they could obtain their planning approvals quicker. This would generate ~2.6 GWh pa that would require a very large battery to be useful. While this is unlikely to be the economic sweetspot, I raised it to illustrate that, technically, high annual RE contribution systems are feasible without wind turbines. Clearly, it would be cheaper to do ~70% RE contribution with some wind as the expensive battery can be smaller, so maybe LHI just needs to wait until after the next Federal election!

        • Craig Thompson 3 years ago

          Go ahead twenty years….When we have two days of rain and the majority of the Islands population…say… 400 residents , has electric vehicles (+ 350 tourists). Wouldn’t a Hybrid Energy System be the best option? Isn’t it better to have the best system in place now……I’m all for solar, but it’s not enough if we want to eventually get to near 100%. Which we need to do in the second half of this century…..Hopefully Wave Energy might be our savour. Costs and development will keep it out of our reach for the next 10 years, but maybe one day….

  4. David leitch 3 years ago

    Very well written article. What percent of the LHI population support the project?

  5. Chris Fraser 3 years ago

    I’m saddened, but glad you found your voice on RE. We needed a reminder of how bloody-minded, ideological and out of touch this Cabinet is. They still haven’t provided their list and degree of impacts – that’s less information than you need to begin the next steps.

  6. John Saint-Smith 3 years ago

    Clearly Mr Frydenberg’s policy on renewables is as ‘unacceptable’ as it is incomprehensible. As the next Federal election result shall so show.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      ..a nice twist of Two Tongues Turnbull’s famous quote, yes

  7. Joe 3 years ago

    Craig, I share your shock and disgust. We have a lousy Federal COALition Government that is at war with the States, ACT and anyone that wishes to promote RE….Lord Howe Island can now join that illustrious queue. The Government is led by a lousy Prime Minister and includes a lousy Minister for the Environment who surely is the worst ever Environment Minister. But I feel change is coming. The QLD election is the first domino, The Bennelong by election will be the second domino….PM Turnbull will be gone by years end, followed soon after by The COALition Government. I am sure that a Federal Labor Governemnt will look more kindly in supporting your vision for sustainable energy.
    Go well to you and fellow Islanders.

    • Barri Mundee 3 years ago

      If you hate Australia, re-elect the Coalition.

      Sorry to be so political but the perfidy of the current regime is beyond belief. No wonder they are on a well-deserved hiding to nothing come the next election.

      Bring in on please someone.

      • Hettie 3 years ago

        Do NOT apologize for being political. The whole issue of energy supply is intensely political.
        The Queensland election turned largely on energy, especially the Adani abomination.
        Half, no, way more than half the problem with this country is that so few people are even remotely politically literate.
        Lazy idiots.
        And we don’t need to bring it on. The Coalition have brought it on themselves with their arrogant laziness about s 44. There will be more admissions of dual citizenship, more by elections, and inevitably a vote of no confidence will succeed, rapidly followed by a general election and a bloodbath. Then sanity.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        ‘Make Australia Hate Again’….HATE 1, COALition.

  8. Ken Dyer 3 years ago

    It seems that Frydenberg rejected the project because of “visual pollution”, the catch all that wind turbines are ugly. This is COALition’s standard response when they cannot think of any other way to kill a project – “it’s ugly”. Remember Joe Hockey?

    So the solution is to go underwater. There is already a precedent for it on Mauritius, and it is being part funded by Australia.

    There are many ways to skin the renewable cat, methinks!

    • juxx0r 3 years ago

      Or you could go entirely solar and batteries for half the price.

  9. Patrick Comerford 3 years ago

    Craig, you have a great story to tell. Do not give up. Get yourselves a PR company, current affair four corners whatever and the Elon e mail is surely worth a try. If you go for crowd funding I’ve got $50 just for the satisfaction of sticking it to Fybro.

  10. David Mountseer 3 years ago

    This is the most disgraceful piece of political bigotry (and nonsense) I have seen in my thirty years in the energy efficiency industry. As someone I thought might bring a bit of good old common sense to Commonwealth policy and action at last. Shame on you, Mr Frydenberg. David Mountseer, E3 Management.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      David, the Frydenberg is The Federal Environment Minister…The Federal ‘Coal Environment’ Minister that is. He is a disgrace as an Environment Minister who doesn’t even believe in installing rooftop solar at his home. What ‘Non-Environment Minister Joshie’ is doing these days is on par with Trump and his Environment shenanigans.

      • David Mountseer 3 years ago

        We need a FRAUDenberg naming and shaming strategy. D

        • Joe 3 years ago

          ..the ‘pet name, FRAUDenberg’ is a good start.

  11. Hettie 3 years ago

    Somebody mentioned crowdfunding.
    Craig, you mentioned 70% savings compared to business as usual. That shows that there is room for a shareholder dividend.
    Why not set up a company to do the work, call tenders, and list it publicly.
    There are plenty of people who would love to invest in such a project, if only for the pleasure of blowing a raspberry at the government in general, and smarmy Josh in particular.
    Contact people like Sanjeev Gupta and Ross Garnaut for ideas. I’m sure they would be delighted to help prove Josh wrong on this.
    ARENA funding is, after all, a loan, not a grant, and would have to be repaid. Go for it, Lord Howe. You will have lot of people barracking for you.

    • neroden 3 years ago

      Absolutely. It should be possible to fund this project locally, since it will save money.

      Talk to Elon Musk in addition to everyone else mentioned… redesign the project to use no fossil fuels at all and to use newer, cheaper batteries/solar/wind…

      …and have the LOCAL government build it without federal support. You can probably get bond financing, given that it will save money.

  12. PacoBella 3 years ago

    We have stayed at LHI in a rental property owned by one of your committee members. I contacted her after reading an article on this website about the hybrid system Carnegie Clean energy is putting in at the WA naval base. If Frydenberg’s main objection is the visual impact of the 2 wind turbines, perhaps a hybrid solar/wave energy system would pass his opaque evaluation process.

    • juxx0r 3 years ago

      The wave is near useless, CWE’s ceto 5 made 40kW from a 240kW machine in a 5m swell.

    • nakedChimp 3 years ago

      The objection by FB is just smoke and mirrors. Anything that stops LHI from going 100% will suffice and is needed, to not give a ‘bad’ example to everyone else they try to reign in on this.

  13. Andrew_Nichols 3 years ago

    Oh well – It’s only delayed until the idiot climate change denier loses his job in about 18mths at latest

    • Karl Carlson 3 years ago

      There has been no global warming for 20 years. Besides, humans don’t alter the climate. It’s the sun silly. Do nothing against climate change. Relearn to live with it, emprace it as natural, except it the way it comes and adapt. Those who adapt to natural climate change will survive. Those who don’t and/or refuse to do so, have subconsciously made the decision to commit suicide. The claim, that the causes of climate change are anthropogenic, is nothing more than a total hoax. A larger comment to my take on climate change can be found in the comment section.

  14. Barri Mundee 3 years ago

    When you change the government you change the country.

    The first priority now is to elect a government that will do all it reasonably can to protect and enhance the environment.

    Craig, have you considered a direct approach to the alternative government and get them to demand Frydenberg justify his decision with reasons?

  15. mick 3 years ago

    only a short future next election they are toast

  16. JIm 3 years ago

    Is there more to this? I can’t believe a Minister can make a decision and not offer any substantive reason. In the Bald Hill windfarm case, a minute risk to the Orange-bellied Parrot was offered as political cover for an appalling decision by a previous Liberal Environment Minister, Ian Campbell. That decision was appealed and overturned I recall. What species or national environmental values has the Minister cited because surely he must be specific? What did his department advise him to do?

    • neroden 3 years ago

      The “impacts” line given by Frydenberg is obvious nonsense but has no legal impact. What Frydenberg did was to withdraw Federal government funding, which he has discretion over.

      The island should simply fund the project themselves, build it and give a big FU to Frydenberg.

      • JIm 3 years ago

        Too much Ministerial discretion. Hopefully the money will be there when the Coalition loses the next election.

    • Joe 3 years ago

      Sadly Jim, I read that our little Orange-bellied friend is facing certain extinction. It is the most endangered parrot in the world. The ANU has been involved in research and study of our little feathered friend. Of 35 birdos that migrated for the breeding season only 12 birdos made it back home. Where is ‘Non-Environment’ Minister Joshie on this issue?

  17. Keitha Granville 3 years ago

    Is anyone surprised? He doesn’t have any shares in a wind farm yet obviously. Keep at it, do NOT give up . View Labor next election , but make sure they are onside beforehand – in writing.

  18. neroden 3 years ago

    Since Frydenberg’s claims of “impacts” are completely bogus and will not hold up in court… ignore them.

    The only issue is money. It’s obvious that the COALition will not provide any money for any renewable energy.

    If you can raise the money locally, however, they can’t stop you from building the project. Do it, and build the project locally.

    • Random Internet Dude 3 years ago

      Actually Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage area, so the federal environment minister can veto any construction projects regardless of who funds them.

      At least until the next election, when we hopefully get an environment minister who actually cares about the environment.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        Solution to Joshie’s veto……take LHI off the The World Heritage List?

      • neroden 3 years ago

        Oh, is that the case? I guess Frydenburg is wearing two hats as energy minister AND environment minister, a bit of a conflict of interest.

        In that case you can sue to overturn the ruling (since it has no rational basis) and get it built. With local money, obviously.

  19. trackdaze 3 years ago

    Be worth investigating who holds supply contracts and any conection to the LNP?

  20. Alex Hromas 3 years ago

    Stewart Island has reduced its need for diesel fuel by going mainly to wind, they are in a good place for this, how did they sneak under the radar. My super is with Ethinvest they may be able to get a fund going for the project if you are interested Graig

    • RobertO 3 years ago

      Hi Alex Hromas, Which Stewart Island? Did you mean Flinders Island?

  21. Glenn N Jodie Hammond 3 years ago

    Crowd fund it…and check out Hepburn Wind They are a community funded wind farm; it can be done. As for this current government… all about their own personal sustainability with no thought for the future.

  22. Karl Carlson 3 years ago

    Check out these satellite readings:

    UAH Global Temperature Update for October 2017

    And this:

    Climate change has been going on since the beginning of time (for 4 billion years). The earth has always gone through cycles of cooling AND warming periods. This is supported by science. Besides, in the distant past, CO2 levels used to be 10 to 20 times higher than today and it never came to a climate apocalypse. Having the ability to record more data and information on weather and climate today is NOT synonymous with weather patterns and climate becoming more erratic. Since too many gullible people (climate change alarmists and their naive followers) have shut their brains off (typical for brain dead morons) and only focus on irrelevant factoids, they are incapable of vanquishing their narrowmindedness / tunnelvision.

    It’s self-evident that humans have absolutely no impact on climate at all, because of the fact that the sun is the main driver of the climate. In addition, CO2 follows the temperature (not vice versa) and finally CO2 is a pure nutrient, NOT a pollutant.
    So, instead of trying to fight climate change, people would be better of learning how to LIVE WITH IT ONCE AGAIN, accepting and embracing climate change as natural and thus adapting to the change. Those who adapt to change will survive, those who refuse to do so, have made the decision to commit suicide. Climate change alarmists and (too many of) their followers have (subconsciously) made the decision to commit suicide.

    Climate change alarmists want to absolve both skeptics and themselves from critical thinking and prefer to blindly believe that these apparent “97%” of mere 77 scientists say without question. They’re naively hiding behind certain people, just because they have doctor titles, PhDs, etc. Well, it turns out that it’s them (climate change alarmist and their naive followers) who have sucumb to both modern-day superstition and a sectarian cult a la scientology on steroids. Just because they want to jump off a cliff doesn’t mean that I need to do the same. After noticing their infinite ignorance and irrationality, it is no wonder that the aztecs became extinct.

    Here’s an unbiased article that tears the so-called 97% of all scientists agree myth to shreds. (Actually, the 97% thing has been debunked multiple times.)

    That sad thing is when you explain to people why temperatures never follow CO2, they always want some “scientific papers” or they acuse us of believing “BIG OIL” propaganda, woooo when it’s actually Big Oil that benefits from this unfounded climate alarmism. They benefit from the “Peak Oil” scare. Personally, I have the funny feeling that carbon based resources aren’t fossil, but abiotic. But that’s speculation on my part.
    Too many people don’t even know that Al “Manbearpig” Gore is or was the chairman of the Oil company “Occidental Petroleum”.

    Anyway, here are two sound articles that everyone must read imho:

    I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to read the Vostok Ice Core Samples. They show how CO2 levels increased AFTER the warming periods NOT before them. It totally disproves the myth that “man made global warming” is caused by increasing CO2 emissions. Check them out with an open mind. You might learn something about real science, not the fake science alarmists regurgitate, because they saw it on television, just like many low IQ individuals who buy into the anthropogenic hoax.

    In addition, due to the fact that nowhere near as much data was recorded in the (distant) past in comparison to today also proves that human can’t alter climate via CO2. So, the allegation that climate change is somehow more “erratic” today in comarison to the (distant) past is threfore based on a false premise. That’s called a non sequitur.

    Anyway, here’s something in regards to being educated, as there are some things climate change alarmists need to be reminded of:

    “Having an education” or “being educated” isn’t automatically synonymous with intelligence, and it certainly isn’t (always) synonymic with acquiring well-founded knowledge or possessing a large amount of common knowledge. Therefore, the substance of statements that come from a lot of (certain) dumbed-down people such as climate change alarmists, collectivist-like left-wingers, do NOT show anything of convincing significance, and most certainly not on issues of e.g. climate change.

    Besides, government-/state-recognised school certificates / report cards, graduations, qualifications and suchlike are merely proof of how well certain people (blindly) resorb and repeat masticated information parrot-fashion. To put it fairly bluntly, degree dissertations, school certificates and the like simply signify how submissively dependent some people are. Left-wing nazis, alarmists, collectivists, socialists, fascists, welfare-prostitutes, domesticated big-government worshipers, climate change alarmists etc. showcase their submissive dependence on a daily basis, thanks to their so-called ideological fluttering between stubbornness and panic. It’s practically the same behaviour of slaves, who suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

    Of course, this doesn’t implicate that all teachers, tutors, etc. who work in public / government-run schools and other educational institutions take minors and cultivate them into unfree and non-critical thinkers.
    Information as a whole ranges from (specialised) knowledge and insights/findings (right up) to total and utter baloney.

    Too many climate change alarmists don’t have free thinking minds of their own.

  23. Regine Andersen 3 years ago

    Hi Craig, so disappointing to hear about the knockback after all the preparation work that’s gone into the project. I am afraid we are facing similar concerns on Christmas island. Have you taken your story to any Australian Greens politicians, local MPs and opposition MPs to represent and support your community in parliament? Contact ABC TV producers such as – Craig [email protected], he seems to take an interest in remote communities. He is on fb Craig Quartermaine ABC

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