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Energy Insiders Podcast: CleanCo pumps up for Queensland duck curve

CleanCo chair Jacqui Walters discusses plans and strategies as Queensland’s newest generation company prepares to enter the market this week.


CleanCo chair Jacqui Walters joins the Energy Insiders podcast to discuss the plans and strategies for Queensland’s newest generation company that officially enters the market on Thursday, October 31.

CleanCo will operate the big Wivenhoe pumped hydro facility, along with the Swanbank E gas plant and several smaller hydro projects.

The first target is the so-called “duck curve” in Queensland’s energy market, where prices often fall into negative territory because of scale of solar output in the region, while CleanCo will also focus on the advancing the RE400 program for new renewables and storage, and aims to have 1,000MW of renewable capacity under its wings by 2025.

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  1. Honest Mike 10 months ago

    Wivenhoe power station is a 35 year old pumped hydro asset which has served the public well. not sure that the launch of a new government letterhead (cleanco) is a headline grabbing cause for celebration. in terms of addressing the duck curve, most of the solar is rooftop. the qld government really does need to step up to the plate with an expanded, more widely publicized, reckless cash spending solar battery subsidy or step aside so that private enterprise can take a crack at reducing carbon emissions

  2. Peter Farley 10 months ago

    Re impact of Portland closure
    In FY 2015 NSW imported a net 4.5 TWh from Victoria. This year Victoria will be a slight net importer from NSW. So if Portland closes and 4.5 TWh of load is lost Victoria can go back to exporting 4.5 TWh to NSW with little impact on Yallourn but a big impact on NSW coal particularly as renewables are finally starting to reduce coal consumption there anyway. In spite of falling imports, (down 12% this year) black coal output in NSW has fallen from 23 TWh in the first 4 months of last financial year to about 17 TWh this year

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