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Craig Kelly wants you to burn as much fossil fuel as you can this summer

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Coalition MP Craig Kelly urges attendees at oil and gas lobby group’s event to burn as much fossil fuels as they can this summer.

Burn, baby, burn. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)
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While the world’s leaders congregate in Madrid to discuss the urgent task of cutting down global carbon emissions, federal Coalition MP Craig Kelly has urged his fellow Australians to burn as much oil and gas as possible over the summer break.

Kelly – who was recently banned by Scott Morrison from appearing on ABC TV’s Q&A program for his inability, unlike the PM, to mask his raging climate denialism – reportedly made the comments to the audience of an event hosted by the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association in Canberra on Wednesday.

According to a source who attended the APPEA event, Kelly said words to the effect of ‘make sure you burn as much oil and gas as you can over summer, put your roast in a gas fired oven, fill up your gas bottles, and fly from one end of the country to the other.’

The appalling comments come as Australia notches up two “Fossil of the Day” awards at the Madrid climate talks, one for the federal government’s weak response to the current bushfire crisis, and another for using First Nations people to try and dodge climate bill.

The APPEA event was attended by members of both the Morrison government and the opposition Australian Labor Party, with APPEA Chairman Kevin Gallagher applauding what he described as “bipartisanship” on resources policy. There is certainly no such thing as a bipartisan approach when it comes to policy on climate or renewable energy.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources Joel Fitzgibbon was one of the senior Labor Party members in attendance, and tweeted a photo with himself next to Matt Canavan and World Coal Association CEO Michelle Manook, spruiking the strong future global demand for coal.

This all comes in a week where bushfires are burning up and down the NSW coast and continue to cast a toxic pall over Sydney.

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  1. Charles 8 months ago

    This guy isn’t even pretending NOT to be a demented sociopath.

  2. Jo 8 months ago


  3. gbossley 8 months ago

    Now you’re just trolling us. Too much oxygen for this dinosaur.

  4. johnnewton 8 months ago

    And the opposition is who?

  5. David 8 months ago

    Unfortunately, short, fat blokes are often portrayed as a bit thick… Craig Kelly is doing nothing to dispel the myth.

  6. Craig Steddy 8 months ago

    If Kelly told them to eat as much as they could then at least we could say that he was leading by example.

  7. Joe 8 months ago

    The Kelly is auditioning for that new Department Head job, the new Super Department that has ‘Environment’ as part of its title.

  8. Ken Dyer 8 months ago

    Kelly clearly does not require oxygen, which is just as well because he is already a waste of oxygen.

  9. Ren Stimpy 8 months ago

    The Hunchback of Hughes is at it again. Why was he attending this fossil fuel sorority sleepover while his town square bell remained unattended and unrung? The townsfolk should be angry.

  10. lin 8 months ago

    Voters of Hughes, we are judging you pretty hard right now.

    • retsil 8 months ago

      Why would the residents of Hughes care what other people think?

  11. Nick Kemp 8 months ago

    His epitaph should make interesting reading. Is it alright to say I look forward to reading it?

  12. Miles Harding 8 months ago

    Back in your ditch Craig.

    Shame on you for both rolling coal and extending your middle finger toward the environment that keeps you alive … for now

  13. Joe Strummer 8 months ago

    He is so happy, cosy and comfortable wrapped up in his blanket of denial. Take note good people of Hughes NSW this is the drop kick you have elected!

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