Canavan comes out as “minister for mining sector,” internet gets really mad

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Australia’s recently resigned resources minister has unleashed a torrent of public criticism, after posting a heartfelt note of farewell to “the mining sector” on his Facebook page.

Canavan stood aside as federal minister for resources and northern Australia this week after it was revealed he held dual Australian and Italian citizenship. He has blamed his mother for the oversight, and is mounting a legal battle to remain in the Senate.

“It has been such an honour to represent the Australian mining sector over the past year,” the July 27 post begins.

“From the small, gambling explorers and prospectors to the large, world-beating multi-nationals, the industry provides rich and diverse experiences that can take you to the smallest towns of outback Australia to the biggest cities in the world.”

The note, which also touches on the current state of commodity prices and jobs, sparked instant outrage from readers, who noted Canavan was “supposed to represent the people of Queensland, and not private mining companies.”

Indeed, the very first comment (below) which said exactly that, has since received more “likes” than Canavan’s own post – although it should be noted that there are many comments in support of Canavan and of his dedication to mining, too.

Other comments suggested his ode to the resources sector looked suspiciously like a job application.

And others just make some really interesting points….


  • Rob

    Great that Matt has finally dropped the pretense and shown his true colours eh. ( ie: high-vis ). He’s just confirmed what we knew all along which is that he actually works for the mining industry and not the Australian people. Who would have guessed? And as for publicly outing and blaming his poor old Mum for his circumstances, well, that’s just very poor form Mathew.

  • Daniel Boon

    it’s debatable who the biggest fool/s is/are … him or the twits who voted him in

    • solarguy

      Dead heat there mate!

  • Alan S

    ‘My mother made me an Italian.’
    ‘If I gave her the wool would she make me one?’
    Sorry to lower the standard.

    • Daniel Boon

      you just raised it

  • Mike Westerman

    Now I wonder if after this admission, we can get our money back and the miners will roll up and pay his salary?

    • Joe

      …’Italiano Matty’ will join ex-ALPer Martin Ferguson in the resources sector probably somewhere on the payroll of Adani.

      • DevMac

        Or the guy who gifted a 99-year lease of the port of Darwin to a Chinese company then retired from parliament to work for the company that bought the lease.

        Andrew Robb:

        …and Huawei are banned from providing hardware for the NBN because they’re a Chinese manufacturer. Consistent…

        • Mike Westerman

          There can never be any limit on the depravity and treason of members of the LNP, whether it’s Howard taking us to a war against the clear wishes of the nation and so ensuring the ME descends into hell or attempting to destroy our enviable medical or IR systems, or Abbott and Turnbull destroying our digital or RE future.

  • Ken Dyer

    Just as Canavan has misled the people of Australia regarding his unqualified support for the moribund cola industry, he has also misled the people of Australia by blaming his mother for making him Italian. He should resign from the Parliament immediately because he has no integrity (indeed if he had any in the first place) if he stays on.

    And that also goes for the little rat climate denialist Roberts on the Ginger Whingers dysfunctional “party”. The departure of those two would certainly lift the intelligence quotient of the Senate.

    The Greens have shown more integrity in this matter than any other person or party in Parliament.

    • Mike Westerman

      Give it a break Ken – Matt has just proven how worthy an LNP member he is: he should immediately be made Deputy PM!

      What more could you ask than
      a) no integrity
      b) no honesty
      c) flagrant privileging vested over voter interests
      d) boldfaced hypocrisy
      e) a name starting with M

      • solarguy

        And: f) a surname starting with C

    • solarguy

      Too right Ken.

  • solarguy

    A strong case of foot in mouth disease. And don’t we all concur. But the thing is, this buffoon doesn’t think he has done that. Ah der moron.

  • ChrisAR

    See, he is a dual citizen after all.

  • Robert Comerford

    It really staggers belief sometimes.
    Don’t expect Canavan or Roberts to go any time soon. I’m guessing a high court challenge would be expensive and may well be a waste of time. Am I right in thinking they can just resign close to the next senate election and stand again having finally ditched their dual citizenship.

  • Farmer Dave

    I congratulate the former Minister for making it explicit that the role of his government is to serve corporate interests, not the interests of current and future Australians. He would probably claim that the two sets of interests align so closely that by looking after corporations they also look after us, but I think that fiction is wearing very thin these days. One of the achievements of the Coalition is that they succeed in getting many people to vote for them even though so voting is against the best interests of most of us. Matt Canavan may have just put a dint in that behaviour. We can only hope.

    • DevMac

      We’re blessed to have the Liberal Party continue to subscribe to the many-times-failed notion of trickle-down economics. They’re so wedded to the idea that they’ll keep trying and trying until it works.

      And for some reason that Australian public keeps giving them the opportunity to try (partially short memory, partially ignorance, partially lacking critical thinking skills, partially dropped-balls on the part of the opposition, partially vested interest marketing).

  • Joe

    No doubt ‘Italiano Matty’ will have his day in Court….by taking his Mamma there to prosecute her for supposedly ‘illegally’ making him an Italian. ‘Italiano Matty’ has through his own words now shown that he is and never was fit for purpose in his former Ministerial position. If his words aren’t cause for the highest alarm then Australia really is a corrupt political shit heap.

  • DevMac

    This can’t be passed off as merely poor phrasing. This is an insight into what he actually thought his job was. How many others that are paid to represent Australia’s interests think that they’re meant to be working for the interests of a particular industry?

    The very small number of people lucky enough to be given the responsibility of running this country should never get that wrong. Unfortunately, I feel that Matt Canavan is not alone in this delusion.

    Politicians should have mandatory “alignment of priorities” training / education, signed by attendees, and then their actions whilst in office should be scrutinised against a standard, the results of which made public to their constituents.

    No trust without transparency.