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Australian EV industry faces 12 month policy wait

Election means Australia’s electric vehicle industry – and consumers – will have to wait at least another 12 months for federal government to deliver EV strategy.


The Driven

A clear and decisive strategy to accelerate Australia’s uptake to electric vehicles is at least another year away in the wake of this weekend’s election results, which sees the Coalition government in charge for another three years with a working majority, contrary to the prediction of numerous opinion polls.

With the planet’s emissions surpassing 415ppm for the first time in 3 million years just last week, the outcome of this weekend’s election deals a blow to those concerned about Australia’s and the world’s capacity to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the big contributors to Australia’s greenhouse gases is the transport industry, which accounts for 19% of the country’s emissions, is growing annually and is not showing any signs of slowing down. On top of this comes the growing health impacts of transport pollution.

In the lead up to the 2019 federal election, electric vehicles – which represent a very real solution to reducing transport-related emissions even when charged off a coal-powered grid – took a front and centre position for the first time in Australia’s history.

The focus was on the numerous benefits of electric cars, including lower car ownership costs, improved health and air quality, a reduction of pollution-related deaths, as well as helping to smooth peak demand and deliver lower energy prices.

Labor, which was tipped to win the 2019 election by pre-election polls, unveiled an ambitious policy that included a target of 50% new electric car sales by 2030 and for government fleets by 2025.

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