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Australia adds 100MW of rooftop solar in first two months of 2016

Victoria rises to second place behind Queensland, where rooftop solar market is slowing sharply despite Labor govt promises to double installations by 2020.

GTM Research forecasts the U.S. solar market to surpass 100 cumulative gigawatts by 2021

Australia has added 100MW of rooftop solar in the first two months of 2016, as Victoria overtakes NSW to be the second biggest market in the country.

The 55MW added in February still represented a fall from year ago figures, with Queensland – the biggest market in Australia over the last few years – falling nearly 20 per cent, according to data supplied by Green Energy Markets.

This is despite the aim by the state Labor government to accelerate the installation of rooftop solar and more than double the number of homes with rooftop solar to one million by 2020.

australia solar 2016 Feb

Victoria overtook NSW and is now snapping at the heals of the Queensland market, while W.A., Tasmania and the ACT also record strong growth over a year ago.

NSW remained the larges market for commercial solar, with more than one quarter of the 23MW installed across the country in the first two months of the year. Victoria remains the biggest market for solar hot water systems, with nearly one third of the 7,106 systems installed so far this year.

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  1. Bristolboy 5 years ago

    I find it interesting to compare the average system size to that seen in the UK where domestic installs average about 3.2kW. I am guessing the reason is due to a smaller average roof size in the UK and the fact up until recently the subsidy for sub 4kW systems was so much higher than projects just over that level.

    100MW over 2 months may be a slow down compared with previous years, but it still better than many European countries with a much higher population than Australia.

    • Math Geurts 5 years ago

      Because Australia has considerably more solar irradiation than any European country.

      • Brian Tehan 5 years ago

        And lower solar system costs, giving a pretty good return on investment. I figure that I get, maybe, 15% return on my modest 1.8kw Enphase system, which maxes out at around 11.5kwh on the best days at this time of year, in Melbourne.

        • Dispassionate 5 years ago

          Nice Brian, well done.
          It is also nice to hear someone who is being honest about the return and value they are receiving on their system!

      • Bristolboy 5 years ago

        Sure higher irradiation will lead to smaller average system sizes as a given capacity will generate more power?

    • david H 5 years ago

      And it is happening in a difficult environment where incentives have reduced. It just goes to show that the market and technology will always prevail.

  2. Tom @ Solaray 5 years ago

    Great to see the average system size in NSW is now above 5kWs, this is in line with what we are doing. This average should continue to rise as pricing continues to fall and battery storage comes online. Ausgrid have also relaxed their regulations concerning houses with single phase power.

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