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Video of the day: Superb take-down of Coalition’s energy policy

A quick wrap of what the Turnbull government has been doing for Australia’s energy sector – “Authorised by the Department of Transitioning to the Dark Ages.”


Juice Media has been getting a bit of traction with its series of “honest government” ads, a take-off of the increasing amounts of federal government advertising promoting what a good job it thinks it’s doing.

This video above focuses on the Coalition government’s climate and energy policy, and it hits the mark, just as Clarke and Dawe did last year. RenewEconomy even gets a few mentions.


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  1. Tim Buckley 2 years ago

    Brilliant!!! So sarcastic and so on the money!! Great addition Sam!

  2. Hettie 2 years ago

    What a hoot.
    Just shared it on Facebook.

    • John McKeon 2 years ago

      Me too!! 🙂

    • solarguy 2 years ago

      Solid Gold wasn’t it, still laughing.

  3. MrMauricio 2 years ago

    Unfortunately,totally accurate!!!

  4. Farmer Dave 2 years ago

    Absolutely nailed it!

  5. Joe 2 years ago

    The Juice dudes really didn’t have to work that hard with this one. The COALition provided all the material free of charge, thank you very much. This video should be played to every MP in all of our Parliaments. Sure its witty and funny but there is also the serious side to it. The COALition Climate Criminals can play blockers and slow the RE transition but the RE train is not going to be stopped.

  6. MaxG 2 years ago

    Yes, but be aware how the current clowns tried to undermine it:

    • Nick D 2 years ago

      Gee Max, this is a bit of a nightmare. This is what us Australians are known as Australians for. Taking the piss.

    • Rod 2 years ago

      That explains the typo “Australien” Government.

  7. Robert Comerford 2 years ago

    Great job!!

  8. brickbob 2 years ago

    Brilliant video,just give this mob of Luddites enough rope and they will do the rest!

  9. Les Johnston 2 years ago

    Great work and clear cut.

  10. Barry Alternative Fact Covfefe 2 years ago

    That is hilarious, very TV commercial worthy

  11. neroden 2 years ago

    Juice Media turns out to have made a LOT of great “honest government ads”. And they are apparently short on money. Worth donating to.

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