Time to unlock solar and storage for everyone in NSW

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20 December 2017: Solar Citizens calls on the NSW Government to implement the Chief Scientist’s recommendation to unlock solar and storage for everyone.

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer released the final report from the Energy Security Taskforce including the recommendation that the Government establish a work program focused on addressing the barriers to the uptake of solar.

“Rooftop solar is the only guaranteed way to take back control of your power bills and ensuring that the most vulnerable in our society are able to access the benefits of clean energy is crucial,” said Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“NSW can do so much more when it comes to rooftop solar and unlocking access for renters and apartment dwellers, as well as those who cannot afford the upfront costs is simply crucial for powering our state into the future.

“Rooftop solar is good for everyone – it generates clean energy, lowers household bills and in February it helped keep the lights on.

“A detailed analysis of the impact rooftop solar has on power prices revealed that in just one year NSW rooftop solar slashed at least $2.2 billion from the wholesale price of power, so the best thing any government can do for power prices is to make it more accessible and affordable.

“It’s time for the Berejiklian Government to get serious about enabling everyone to have solar and ensure they’re paid a fair price for their clean power when it’s fed back into the grid.

“The Victorian Government has a mandated fair price for solar with a new peak feed-in tariff, the ACT Government has just announced a program to support low-income households to go solar – NSW households are getting left behind and this report from the Chief Scientist should be a wake up call,” said Ms Tager.  

  • Joe

    The NSW COALition is wedded to coal. Yes, we have the odd RE announcement but COAL is KING in NSW.

  • RobertO

    Hi All, They will all notice when households and business keep adding more solar because of the costs of the grid. The AEMC will try to stop, or at least slow down solar installations (grid fee will rise about 30% to 50% annually).

    • Hettie

      Prompting ever more people to go off grid.
      Whereas, *lowering* the grid fee substantially would encourage people to stay connected, and give the grid continued access to the precious afternoon rooftop solar output.
      But bureaucrats have reached peak stupid, and seem determined to stay there.

  • Ros Sculac

    There is so much governments could do to help householders and business to lower their power bills, but bureaucracy, plus the power of the fossil fuel lobby, restricts intervention to an absolute minimum. Even without battery storage my power bill is down to around $1.56 per day, imagine what it could be if the cost of batteries was not so prohibitive?

    • mycreativestreak

      I wouldnt say “prohibitive”
      Everyone’s finances are different.