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The week in green numbers…

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Australia’s biggest wind farm… and a lot of hot air. Plus taking stock of rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and melting permafrost.

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600: The size, in megawatts, of the wind farm Hydro Tasmania has revealed it is proposing to build on King Island.

222: The current total number of diseases and ailments – including accelerated ageing, cataracts, frantic scratching, and cancer – that have been attributed to wind farms according to a list being complied (and continually updated) by Professor Simon Chapman from Sydney University.

140: The number of submissions – out of a total of 160 – made to the Senate Committee investigating the impact of wind farms on surrounding communities that expressed concern about noise effects. The committtee, which released its report on Wednesday, found that the majority of these were from people worried about whether they might experience noise or health effects from proposed wind farms, rather than from people who claimed to have actually experienced annoyance or other adverse effects.

200: The number of countries meeting in Doha, Qatar for the COP18 UN climate change conference.

14.45: The current world average global temperature, in degrees Celsius, which is between one-tenth and a 0.5C higher than the 1961 to 1990 average – putting the world on track for its ninth warmest year on record.

60: The percentage above the IPCC’s latest best estimates on rate of sea-level rise at which oceans are currently rising, according to new research.

43-135: The gigatonne amount of CO2 equivalent that UNEP has estimated thawing permafrost could emit by 2100 – and 246-to-415 gigatonnes of CO2e by 2200.

7: The number of reasons listed by New Scientist magazine, in its latest climate-dedicated edition, to illustrate why “climate change is even worse than we thought.”

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