The top 20 solar PV suburbs in each state

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If billions are being spent in the mortgage belt on rooftop solar, who has spent it, and where?

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The Solar Energy Council estimates that up to $3 billion has been invested in the rooftop PV in the mortgage belt of Australia. If the forecasts are right, then that sum could double or triple, or even rise five fold, in the coming decade.

Just where has this money been spent? Below is a list of tables compiled by the REC Agents Association that show the top 20 localities in each state. But even more interesting are the maps showing the geographic spread of the installation. In many of these localities, the rate of installations of solar PV and solar hot water is approaching 40 per cent of available roofs.



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  1. Ed Parker 7 years ago

    I think REC Agents Association have assessed the areas based on postcodes and then used the first suburb name that pops up in alphabetical order that has that particular postcode – that’s why most of the suburbs start with A,B, C or D. So go by the postcode not the suburb name.

  2. Steve Bowden 7 years ago

    the Number 2 NSW site (Bentley 2480) is actually Lismore, including it’s suburbs and villages…

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