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The Driven Podcast: From Solar Impulse to electric flight

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André Borschberg co-piloted the Solar Impulse plane that went round the world on solar power only. He says the future of flight is electric, from passenger planes to intra-city flying pods.

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I remember watching in amazement at the online feed from Solar Impulse, the extraordinary plane powered only by the solar energy captured on the modules in its wings, as it cross the Pacific Ocean back in 2015, using the charge from the battery to stay in the air as it awaited the next sun rise.

André Borschberg was a co-pilot, with Bertrand Picard, on that historic round the world flight, and has now set up his own company H55, with some of the Solar Impulse team members. H55, named after the hangar they set themselves up in, specialises in electric propulsion systems, has a two-seater electric plane used for flight training, and is convinced that the future of flight is electric.

How and why? Borschberg joins The Driven podcast to explain the value of intra-city flights, vertical take off aircraft, and the shift to electric power in larger passenger planes.

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