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Tesla takes 70 per cent of market, as Australian EV sales reach 5,000 in 2019

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Tesla dominates market for new electric vehicles in Australia in 2020, mostly through Model 3 which will likely beat all but one of its petrol and diesel rivals too.

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The Driven

California car-maker Tesla has taken the lion’s share of the electric vehicle market in Australia, with the recently released Model 3 sedan taking a dominant position in the market – as it has in nearly every other market.

Official data and analyst estimates suggest that in 2019, the sales of new pure electric cars in Australia reached around 5,000 vehicles, or about 0.5 per cent of the total new car market.

Tesla accounted for around 70 per cent of these sales, possibly more, and the Model 3 accounted for around two-thirds of annual electric sales, even though first deliveries of that model only occurred in late August.

The Model 3 even seized a major share of the overall market for passenger vehicles prices above $60,000, likely beating the BMW 3 (3,135 sales), and coming in second to the Mercedes Benz C-Class (6,798).

Actual numbers are difficult to obtain because Tesla does not release country by country sales, and – unlike most other countries – official Australian data for EVs is incomplete or haphazard at best.

V-Facts compiles detailed numbers for all vehicles with the exception of Tesla, which does not operate through conventional dealerships. The numbers in the graph below are supplemented by official numbers from Hyundai, and private analyst estimates of Tesla.

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