Tesla to roll out “multiple” Powerpacks in NSW battery storage win

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Tesla to deploy multiple 250kW/500kWh Powerpack systems for NSW network operator TransGrid, to help store and smooth solar supply.

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US electric vehicle and battery maker Tesla has been tapped by NSW network operator TransGrid to deliver several of its grid-scale Powerpack battery storage systems to support remote dispatch of demand response and the smoothing of variable solar generation.


The job, part of a winning tender in 2016, will deploy the California company’s 250kW/500kWh Powerpack systems, with the first installation slated for the City of Sydney’s Alexandra Canal Works depot.

Tesla says that grid-scale battery system will provide the depot with savings in energy costs while also boosting the City of Sydney’s carbon reduction efforts, as it aims for cuts of 70 per cent by 2030.

The Powerpack is also expected to allow for the addition of further solar panels to the existing infrastructure, and to enhance the management the solar power generated, storing it for use at night, to power lighting, air conditioning, and plant equipment.

The new grid-scale project come just a few months after Tesla launched its second generation of home and grid lithium-ion battery systems in Australia.

At that launch, the company’s head of energy products, Lyndon Rive, memorably claimed that Tesla could solve the so-called “power crisis” afflicting South Australia inside of one year, using its grid-scale battery storage. This claim was quickly backed by the company’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, in effect turning Australia’s energy debate on its head.

Rive also said Tesla had a “big pipeline” of grid-scale battery storage projects, many of which could solve the kinds of network troubles experienced in a number of Australian states over the latest record-breaking summer.

So far in Australia, Tesla has delivered Powerpack installations of 190kWh at Dream Factory in Footscray, Melbourne, and 95kWh at a school in Rockhampton, Queensland.

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  1. Andrew Thaler 2 years ago

    Transgrid is a Transmission network operator… responsible primarily for 330kV and 500kV networks.. they have palmed off most of the 33,66,132kV networks to the other 3 distributors.
    I ask wtf is a 250kWhr or 500kWhr battery going to do in a HV transmission environment.. beyond keeping the transformer cooling fans running (they work on 415V ac from the switchyard house boards)

    I’m sorry, but imo this is just another ridiculous ‘marketing’ ploy by tesla.. up there with the Solar tiles.
    Stay Tuned…next week Tesla will announce their solar (freaking) roadways, *again*.

    • I told you so 2 years ago

      They won the tender because they were the cheapest.
      Easy for Tesla because they are a subsidy grabbing loss making Ponzi scheme.
      Building bulk storage out of millions of silly little Panasonic AA cells?
      Sheer lunacy.

    • Kevan Daly 2 years ago

      On the NEM 500 KWh or 0.5 MWh costs about $40. Unless the “multiple” is very high nobody will be accusing Transgrid of going overboard on “experimental” storage.

    • I told you so 2 years ago
    • Xen Dazzle 2 years ago

      Your wrong Tesla did not ever announce solar roadways, Elon thinks they are a stupid idea. They are a scam not to be associated with Tesla, no matter how much you want it to.

      • Bettyjsieg 2 years ago

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    • Chris 2 years ago

      It looks to me that there may be some confusion, in the article, as to the role of Transgrid. It is probably correct that Tesla will be supplying battery systems to the “City of Sydney’s Alexandra Canal Works depot” (http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/vision/infrastructure/buildings-and-facilities/current/new-depot-alexandra-canal). It is a new council facility with all sorts of environment positives including solar (and probably batteries).

    • Calamity_Jean 2 years ago

      IIRC Tesla has nothing to do with solar roadways.

  2. I told you so 2 years ago

    Tesla will be bankrupt soon.
    Never mind the multi-billion dollar losses – just wait until every Tesla in the world is recalled for WHOMPY WHEELS!
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157658490111523/
    AND exploding batteries
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157662351494899
    One flash and you’re ash! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f55ed4ac08391e0d0b1b02f468edff918b9e20f6c24ced0ac7ee9b8a79f416a3.jpg

  3. MaxG 2 years ago

    Why crank up about this “I told you so” guy; just block ’em and you never see a word from him 🙂

    • Bobbiemwells 2 years ago

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