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Tesla opens Supercharger stations in Goulburn and Wodonga

Tesla continues it’s expansion of the Supercharger network with the opening of 2 new stations, including the largest in the southern hemisphere.


Tesla continues it’s expansion of the super-charging network on the east-coast of Australia with the opening of 2 new stations offering free recharging of Tesla cars in NSW and Victoria.

Wodonga charging station

The Supercharger station in Goulburn – the largest in the southern hemisphere – will now mean Tesla drivers can drive from Sydney to Canberra and back with absolutely no cost involved.

The station isoff the Hume Highway at the visitor’s centre and will be able to charge up to eight Tesla’s at one time. The Wodonga station will have 6 spots for recharging and is located close to the main street.

The Tesla Supercharger can supply a Model S with up to 270km of range in just 30 minutes.

Tesla has now installed over 500 Supercharger stations around the world since the Model S’ 2012 launch, with almost 2300 individual Supercharger bays available to customers.

Supercharging in Goulburn

In Australia there are also Superchargers in Euroa, The Star Casino in Pyrmont, Sydney, as well as the Tesla flagship store in St Leonards, Sydney.

With more SuperChargers planned for construction, Tesla owners can expect to drive up and down the entire east coast of Australia for free. In the meantime, it is possible to travel long-distances without them! 

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  1. Robert Comerford 5 years ago

    I hate Tesla… only because I can’t afford one :>)

    • Barri Mundee 5 years ago

      I wonder how long we will be waiting before Teslas become cost-competitive?
      To answer my own question: probably depends on economies of scale, cost of batteries reducing substantially, more charging stations and (maybe) government encouragement in some significant way. Perhaps rebates as with solar?

      With the demise of local IC car production in a few years this is another opportunity to gradually replace polluting IC cars with much cleaner vehicles.

      Once we have a larger proportion of electricity produced by renewables the EV willreally come into its own

  2. Jacob 5 years ago

    Thanks for the photos!

    I wish Singapore and India would exempt 50kWh electric cars from tax for the next 5 years.

    Come on Singapore!

  3. Peter Lyons 5 years ago

    Great article Sam, and a sign of things to come in an even bigger way!
    One plea: please ditch the apostrophes….your first and third paragraphs 😉

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