The Chinese market mostly drives BYD sales, while Tesla’s sales are mostly in the U.S. and Europe. Tesla is one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe, along with the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, according to AVERE France, the French national electric mobility association.

There was a jump of almost 50 percent in electric-vehicle sales in Europe in 2015, with Norway in the lead by a significant margin, accounting for nearly one-third of all EVs sold in Europe. Electric cars sold in Norway are exempt from a 25 percent sales tax and another hefty registration tax, while also getting a break on many highway tolls.

For Tesla, enthusiasm for the Model S in the Norwegian EV market could be momentarily tempered by a Model S fire on New Year’s Day that turned the sedan into a charred hull in the snow at a Supercharger station. Tesla has said it is undertaking a full investigation into the cause of the fire.

Source: Greentech Media. Reproduced with permission.