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Tesla batteries help deliver $US3 million in savings to customers of US utility

Green Mountain Power says its expanding network of energy storage systems – including Tesla Powerpacks and Powerwalls, has saved customers about $US3 million so far in 2020.

Source: University of Queensland

US utility Green Mountain Power says that its ever-expanding and varied network of energy storage systems – ranging from Tesla Powerpacks to the home-based Tesla Powerwalls, has saved customers approximately $US3 million on their electricity bills so far in 2020.

Boasting a suite of energy storage options including home batteries, utility-scale Tesla Powerpack batteries at the company’s solar farms, and carbon-reducing devices like electric vehicle smart chargers, Green Mountain Power’s says its array of energy storage programs have now saved its customers well over $US5 million over the last two years.

“We are focused on growing this innovative work, as it is a key part of an affordable energy future for Vermont,” said GMP president and CEO Mari McClure. “Energy storage programs like this are delivering meaningful results, showing a path to help the economy, while reducing costs and carbon at the same time.”

After receiving regulatory review and approval earlier this year, GMP began offering its customers two battery programs – a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and a Tesla Powerwall program. These programs, built out of successful pilot programs, were developed in partnership with local solar companies to make buying and installing battery systems at home even easier.

“We’re glad to partner with GMP on these home battery programs which are jumpstarting the future right now,” said Kevin McCollister, managing partner of Catamount Solar’s, one of GMP’s local solar partners.  “GMP is creating business for us in home batteries that would not be there otherwise, and there is demand – customers are interested and want energy storage.”

GMP’s Bring Your Own Device programallows customers to access up to $US10,500 toward a home battery purchase when enrolled and sharing stored power with GMP. The company’s Tesla Powerwall programi allows customers to acquire two Powerwall batteries on a 10-year lease for $US55 power month, or one payment of $US5,500 – a significant saving on the Powerwall’s list price and installation.

Over and above the monetary savings, GMP’s energy storage programs have so far this year provided over 16,000 hours of backup power to customers.

“The peace of mind is great with these batteries. They’ve kept the lights on for short outages this summer and during frigid conditions last winter,” said GMP customer Katherine Silta, of Weathersfield, Vermont, who has two Powerwall batteries through GMP’s early pilot program.

“Also, it is great knowing you are helping other customers.  You could see on those very hot days that our stored energy was helping to reduce demand on the grid during peak times, reducing costs.”

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