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SwitchDin primes EVO Power for its new energy storage systems

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EVO Power taps SwitchDin to provide monitoring, management and advanced grid support functions for its PRIME energy storage systems.

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EVO Power, an Australian energy storage system manufacturer, has chosen SwitchDin, an Australian energy management software company, to provide monitoring, management and advanced grid support functions for its PRIME energy storage systems, which are commercially available now.

Developed for a wide range of grid-connect & off-grid applications, EVO Power’s PRIME series uses inverters from Australian manufacturer, Selectronic and battery technology supplied by LG Chem.

Available in single and three phase solutions, the PRIME energy storage system is designed for high-end residential properties, regional properties that are prone to blackouts, off-grid residential and small scale commercial developments with energy storage capacities from 24kWh to 240kWh.

Every EVO Power PRIME system comes with a SwitchDin Droplet allowing energy monitoring and management for all PRIME Power battery systems. SwitchDin’s Droplets also provides advanced data logging for warranty support and enables virtual power plant functionality.

Dr Andrew Mears, CEO of SwitchDin said, “SwitchDin is pleased to be working with the very best integrators in the country. The combination of SwitchDin’s smart software with the capabilities of EVO Power’s Australian energy storage systems is leading the way.”

“With EVO Power, SwitchDin demonstrates how we help manufacturers and their customers get the most out of their behind-the-meter assets by making them smart and visible to energy service companies.

“SwitchDin is delighted to welcome EVO Power to our ecosystem of more than 30 manufacturers from around the globe who rely on SwitchDin to manage and integrate their distributed energy assets on our vendor-agnostic technology platform.”

Jamie Allen, Managing Director of EVO Power said, “We have chosen to integrate with SwitchDin as they share our vision for creating and building a quality solution that Australians can trust. SwitchDin’s Droplets ensure that EVO Power’s PRIME systems receive all the benefits of advanced orchestration and detailed monitoring ensuring top system performance in our harsh weather conditions.”

“With SwitchDin, we can remotely monitor and provide remote programming and control to our PRIME systems and provide a pathway for customers to participate in the energy market thanks to SwitchDin’s virtual power plant functionality, all of which is developed and hosted in Australia.

“This provides our customers with the peace of mind knowing EVO Power offers a commercial grade energy storage solution that is designed and built for long-term performance, is future proof, and delivers bankable quality.”

SwitchDin’s solar and battery vendor-agnostic platform supports product integrations with major manufacturers and integrators and connects them with many leading distribution networks and electricity retailers.

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