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Rooftop solar clocks second-best month ever, buoyed by commercial boom

Rooftop solar PV registrations for June fell from May’s record volume, but the first six months are still 50% ahead of last year.


One Step Off The Grid

Small and medium businesses installing rooftop solar to cut costs and gain more independence from the grid have helped to deliver another bumper month for rooftop solar in Australia, with a total of 126MW installed across June.

The latest data from solar analysts SunWiz shows that while registrations fell for the month from May’s record volume, they fell to a level that was still the second-highest on record.

That means, says SunWiz managing director Warwick Johnston, that “for the first six months of 2018 we’re just shy of the total sub-100kW installation tally for 2015 or 2016. We’re also 50 per cent ahead of the same time last year.” (See chart below.)


Driving momentum this month has been commercial-sized solar systems, with significant growth in systems sized over 30kW. Residential registrations, meanwhile, “fell pronouncedly,” says Johnston.

Solar growth in NSW also fell, but – again – to levels that were its second-best month on record.

The SunWiz report says commercial is growing in Victoria, WA and Queensland, with small commercial continues on its trajectory in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, and large commercial bouncing up in Queensland and Victoria.

Average rooftop solar system size also reached a new record, the report says, jumping to 7.3kW.

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  1. George Darroch 2 years ago

    The next few years will see a commercial solar boom. The networks and retailers may have killed the goose that lays golden eggs by raising prices high enough for solar to be a no-brainer for most businesses.

  2. Ren Stimpy 2 years ago

    OMG. Exactly halfway through the year and solar is shaping to SMASH all previous records.

    • George Darroch 2 years ago

      We’re 6 months through and at 700MW. We’re on track for 1300MW at least, which is phenomenal.

      • Rod 2 years ago

        We should have a sweep. My guess 1800MW.

        It appears that since February, every Month is double the previous corresponding period.
        The Neg is great for solar installers. The smart money can see it will do nothing, if it gets up. If it falls over, it will be at least another year of dithering from our Prime Ditherer.

  3. palmz 2 years ago

    I might have to revise my guess of 1,500 to 1,600 MW of solar installed this year. (100kw and under)

    Hell it may get to 2,000 MW this year.

  4. RobertO 2 years ago

    Hi All, I keep expecting the Fed Gov to put a stop to all this growth. We can not have this type of employment going on unchecked (we’re for jobs and growth but this is unchecked against our baseload requirements). It bad for business will be the lie (with the support of the Australian Business Council)

    • RobertO 2 years ago

      Hi All, So we got 75 kW solar starting on 21 May and they are just about to complete the two houses (12 kW each) this week.
      We got over 6 MWhr in June (shading by a tree is a small issue)

    • Ren Stimpy 2 years ago

      They’re crafty commingunts, these Liberal pollies. Tricky Dickies!

  5. Peter F 2 years ago

    There were only 20 trading days in June vs 23 in May

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