Report shows France will triple storage capacity by 2020

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A new report from Clean Horizon points to France becoming Europe’s next big market for storage.

Image: Huawei
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PV Magazine

Image: Huawei
Image: Huawei

A new report from Clean Horizon points to several major developments in the French energy market, which point to the nation becoming Europe’s next big market for storage.

The report’s overall finding is that France’s installed capacity for energy storage will triple by 2020, thus exceeding the 100 MW limit

New self-consumption regulations, the opening of the ancillary services market and a new tender for 50 MW of PV+storage on the French Islands, the latest in a series of tenders announced for the region, are confirmation of France’s ambition to develop a leading market for energy storage.

Opportunities for storage are also appearing in mainland France. At residential level, the decrease in feed in tariffs has uncovered strong interest in self-consumption. New regulations for commercial and industrial installations, which follow the model set by Germany, also enable & reward investments in storage technology.

Solar and storage has proven to be an effective solution for powering islands, and the report expects France to build on its experience in this area. Clean Horizon’s analysts see this as placing France directly behind Germany and Britain in terms of potential for combining renewable energy and storage.

 Source: PV Magazine. Reproduced with permission.
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  1. trackdaze 3 years ago

    Im afraid 100Mw dont cut it.

    52Mw was installed here in 2016.

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