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NSW unveils plan to switch Sydney 8,000-strong bus fleet to all-electric

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NSW Government seeks proposals to shift entire Sydney bus fleet to all-electric vehicles.

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The Driven

The NSW Government is seeking proposals to shift Sydney’s entire 8,000 strong bus fleet to an all-electric fleet in a landmark decision that marks one of the first tangible policies towards the state’s goal of reaching zero net emissions by 2050.

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance says he will seek new contracts for the supply and operation of Sydney’s public bus system, a move that will open the door to electric buses and substantially reduce the environmental footprint of Sydney’s public transport network.

“Making the switch to an entirely electric bus fleet will deliver huge benefits to the community in terms of reducing air and noise pollution, as well as our incredible drivers,” Constance says.

“As part of this process, we will challenge the industry to begin an ambitious transformation of our bus fleet from particulate emitting diesel to zero-emission buses.”

NSW will take advantage of the opportunity presented by its ageing bus fleet to become the first state or territory government to shift its entire fleet to an all-electric offering.

There are nearly half a million electric buses in operation throughout the world, but more than 90 per cent of these are in China, although some major European capitals are now looking to the technology.

“The experience of other leading European cities demonstrates that a rapid transition to zero-emission buses is possible, and I have asked Transport for NSW to work with operators and bus suppliers to develop a plan to transition our fleet as part of the tender process,” Constance says.

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  1. lin 1 month ago

    Excellent news. Victoria should follow this lead.

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