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Next-gen solar modules launched by “father of PV” Martin Green

World’s leading solar PV researcher helps launch Sunport’s innovative solar modules, as Australian solar tech starts to achieve market dominance.


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Sunport Power has unveiled its innovative ‘metal wrap through’ solar cell design, launching the new modules in the Australian market in Sydney, that the company believes will be a “game changer” in the solar module market.

The new module designs were launched by the inventor of some of the most significant advances in solar cell design, Australian researcher and the Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales, Martin Green.

Green is widely considered the ‘father of solar PV‘, having lead the research team at the University of New South Wales that took solar PV out of the lab and into the market, consistently holding the world record for silicon solar cell efficiencies for around three decades.

In recognition of his achievements, Green was successful at beating out Tesla’s Elon Musk to the 2018 Global Energy Prize.

With the launch of the ‘metal wrap through design’, Green hopes that the Australian solar PV innovations can continue to achieve greater dominance in the global solar market.

The success of the UNSW research team was achieved through the development of the ‘passivated emitter rear contact’ solar cell, more widely known as the PERC cell, that was able to achieve higher efficiencies while keeping production costs that are comparable to conventional solar cell designs.

Along with his continuing position at UNSW, Green now serves as the chief scientific officer at Sunport Power, after joining the company in 2018.

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