myWatt: a shining example of innovation saving you money

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Newton, South Australia – November 28, 2016

From the Telstra 2016 Business Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year – a shining example of innovation saving you money. myWatt – it is nifty, thrifty and a little bit geeky!

rsz_screen_shot_2016-11-28_at_30439_pmWith already growing sales in Europe, Australian award-winning solar company, Suntrix have now released their low-cost solar monitoring tool, myWatt to the Australian marketplace.  Company founders and renewable-energy champions, David Hille and Jenny Paradiso found that despite investing in solar installations, business operators and home owners had no proof of the results. With this in mind, they created myWatt – a simple tool that attaches to solar systems, and transmits easy to read performance graphs and reports to your computer or smartphone. myWatt provides daily insight into how you are reducing your carbon footprint, and acts as a safety check to ensure you are receiving the originally calculated savings from your solar investment.

Simple to fix issues such as overhanging tree branches, or cables damaged by birds are going unnoticed purely because solar owners have previously had no easy way to check on performance.

Jenny Paradiso, Managing Director and Telstra 2016 Business Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year:

“Although many homes and offices have installed solar in the last few years, the majority have no idea if their solar is working as it should; at least not until an unexpectedly high electricity bill arrives.

myWatt is really about giving you confidence in your solar investment – confidence in reducing your carbon footprint and confidence in your savings because you know your system is working as it should. It is nifty, thrifty and a little bit geeky!”

From just $195 myWatt is protecting customers against costly, unexpected bills, by making them aware of under-performance or system breakdowns. The myWatt unit attaches to your solar inverter and records how much power your solar system is generating throughout the day and notifies you if your system goes down. In addition to providing users access to real-time results, the software behind my Watt sends regular reports on output performance and total energy generated.

About Suntrix: Suntrix are solar energy specialists. Suntrix offers complete design, installation and servicing for rooftop solar PV systems across Australia.  Whether it is for a home or business, Suntrix works with their customers to determine the most effective and efficient solar energy system for their specific location and needs. myWatt is the first in a range of Suntrix products that will equip households and businesses with real time energy generation and consumption.

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