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Labor accuses Abbott of phantom Captain’s Call on renewables

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Labor accuses Abbott of making Captain’s Call on the RET, after the PM told reporters the Coalition had made its offer, and was awaiting Labor’s response.

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The federal opposition has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of making yet another policy “Captain’s Call”, this time regarding the party’s position on the Renewable Energy Target. And it’s a call, Labor says, that he hasn’t shared with his colleagues. Or, at least, not with Labor.

In a statement released by shadow environment minister Mark Butler on Thursday, Abbott is quoted as saying that the Coalition had come up with a fair offer on the RET, and was awaiting the ALP’s response.

“I think we’ve come to the table with a fair offer that will bring certainty to the renewable sector,” Abbott reportedly told a press conference. “So it’s a good offer and let’s see if the Labor Party is prepared to come to the table.”

But according to Butler, the Labor Party has received no such offer from the Abbott government since the resumption of negotiations this year, and has been awaiting news of the next meeting for two weeks environment

He said that Labor remained willing to consider a minor reduction in the RET to provide an exemption for emissions-intensive industries such as aluminium, but would not support any proposal that spells the end of the renewable energy industry.

“If Tony Abbott has made a Captain’s Call on the Renewable Energy Target, he really needs to share it with everyone, given it’s his own interference that has created a year of uncertainty and crippled the renewable energy industry,” Butler said.

Butler noted that Abbott’s own review of the RET – despite being headed up by a known climate denier – had found it was putting downward pressure on household electricity prices, creating jobs, driving investment and reducing pollution.

“But Tony Abbott is so ideologically opposed to renewable energy, he still wants to see a significant reduction in the RET,” he said.

RenewEconomy sought clarification from Minister Greg Hunt’s office, but is yet to see a reply.

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  1. lifeboatman 6 years ago

    Tony Abbott’s ship has been sinking steadily on the world scene because of his recalcitrant attitude to renewable energy, and is now rapidly going down the gurgler within his own party as recent event have shown. He has declared that he is now a changed man and is listening to the people. If that is true, one of the first things that he can do, is to drop his opposition to the RET in the interests of the country, and let the renewable energy industry restart and start doing it’s bit towards getting the economy back on it’s feet. That would be a real “Captains Call” compared with some of the recent farcical ones he has made recently. Unfortunately, I doubt that he a big enough man to do so, and will steadily pursue his path of political self destruction.

  2. Chris Fraser 6 years ago

    We don’t yet know Tony’s magic number, but even if we find out, we won’t know the argument for it. The reason the Government’s review was rejected was because the ACIL study found the benefits of high-RET were too good for consumers. Of course the Neo-cons can’t have that.

  3. Peter 6 years ago

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear more on the government’s direct action policy.

  4. Chris Drongers 6 years ago

    Please follow this up, even a comment here tomorrow on Greg Hunt’s response would be informative.
    If Tony was going to talk up his new conciliatory attitude his minister would presumably know what Tony was talking about. Wouldn’t he?

  5. Leigh Ryan 6 years ago

    Obviously Abbott has his entire fortune sunk into Solar Battery Storage, he’s going to make a fortune, stop watching the hand he’s waving and watch what he is doing with the other one, passing cash to Tesla

    • SunGod 6 years ago

      No, being the Australian equivalent of George W Bush, Abbott’s not nearly clever or devious enough to pull a move like that. Malcolm Turnbull on the other hand…

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